Use Smart Plugs to make your Life Easier in these 10 creative ways

5th December, 2021

Ever sat in your office cabin and wondered if you left the bedroom’s geyser on in the morning rush? Wouldn’t it be so convenient if you could just check back into your home with your mobile phone and turn on/off any appliance with a tap? 

That’s not sci-fi anymore! Pert’s Smart Plugs are already here to give you complete remote control over your house. 

They’re a standalone, compact DIY solution that’s simple enough for anyone looking to ease into or explore a home automation project. 

You can just grab one, see the magic for yourself, and then expand to other smart products in our ecosystem! 

Simply insert it into any existing power socket, and bridge the device of your choice, which can include chargers for laptop/mobile, washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator, AC, TV, and DVD player/music systems. 

Technically speaking, you can smart-ify pretty much anything with a cable cord that goes into a power socket. 

The Smart Plug will use your personal Wi-Fi network to unlock cool features such as: 

  • Remotely switch on/off devices from our mobile app – never worry about leaving your appliances on. You can always control it from your office desk or airport lounge. 
  • Schedule them to automatically turn/off at set times. 
  • Get live energy usage reports & make plans for saving on your bill.
  • Operate devices from the couch or the bed with voice commands by pairing the plug with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

The real-life applications that these features open up are endless. To help you visualize some of them clearly, I’ll share 10 practical scenarios in which the little gizmos can come in really handy.  

1. Optimize your charging routines

Do you keep your mobile phone or laptop for charging overnight? It feels like a convenient thing to do, but often at the expense of your energy bills. 

Every time your phone comes to 99% battery, the charging cycle restarts again, and repeats several times overnight, trickling electricity all the while. That’s how devices on standby mode often waste power. 

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Connect your charger to the smart plug as usual & use the Pert app to schedule it until 1 AM. Then go back to sleep because the charging will run for the next few hours & automatically turn off by the time your device has reached full battery. 

2. Turn off your Microwave with Alexa

Here’s another instance in which switching off an appliance is made easier with smart plugs. When microwaves are done cooking your meal, they often make an incessant beeping sound to alert you. 

It’s not just annoying but an electricity-sucking vampire, too. Microwaves are one of the biggest power users in standby mode, along with washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. So it’s best to turn them off when not in use. 

With a smart plug, you can just do it with a simple tap, or more comfortably, say the command out loud to your Alexa or Google Assistant. 

“Alexa, turn off the microwave.” Done – you can continue watching your movie uninterrupted.   

4. Make your Mornings Seamless 

Conversely, you can automate devices to turn on i.e. start working at a pre-scheduled time, too. 

For example, you no longer have to awkwardly wait for the water heater to do its job after you rise & shine. 

Just time it for 7 am (we’re assuming you’re an early bird), and you can step into the hot shower right after you get out of bed. 

The same goes for kitchen appliances like your coffeemaker or electric kettle. Just keep the coffee filled in at night & then wake up to the smell of hot steaming cocoa freshly brewed for your taking. 

5. Come Home to Paradise

When you’re coming back home in the evening from the office, remotely turn on your AC as soon as you get in the car. 

It’ll cool the living room before you arrive & you’ll be able to experience the pure bliss of returning to a cozy chilled room after a tiring, sweaty day at work. 

To make things even more seamless, you can install our door and motion sensors that’ll trigger selected appliances to automatically switch on when you enter the room. This can include your DVD player/music system. 

How pleasant would it be to just walk in and see the room instantly illuminated, with Ed Sheeran (or your favorite artist) singing in the background to welcome you home? 

As always, your hot shower will be ready for use, too, provided you’ve scheduled the geyser for the evening, too. 

6. Trick Burglars into thinking your Home  

Smart plugs can make your home more secure, too. 

If you’re going away for the holidays for more than a week, it might leave your place idle, and hence, vulnerable to prying burglars who must’ve been waiting to creep in under the silence. 

With a smart plug, though, you can turn on any device remotely to mimic human presence, giving a false impression that someone’s inside, and warding off any spirit that might have eyes on your possessions. 

For example, automate the TV to turn on after it gets dark. Or take a cue from Kevin in Home Alone, and blast Christmas songs every evening to make it look like you’re having one hell of a party in the house (while you’re touring Paris on the other side of the world)! 

If you want to get more creative, play random dog barking sounds to make it sound like Fido is home to guard it!

7. Plan your next purchases with an energy audit

Do you have a routine fight/drama with your spouse or kids every month after the bill arrives every month? No more blaming each other for overusing or wasting electricity! 

Devices connected to your smart plugs will self-report a near-exact energy usage value. 

All you have to do is log in to the free Pert app, which is compatible with Android & Apple devices (available on the Play Store & App Store). It’ll show you a rundown of how much power each appliance is using on a daily & weekly basis. 

This can give you clear insights by pinpointing what’s exactly sucking up the most power in your household. Say you spot that your washing machine is costing you 30-40% of the bill. It may be time to service the drum or buy a more updated, energy-efficient model during the Diwali discount season. 

This will help you plan your next big-ticket purchases in advance (and with a legitimate justification behind the shopping spree!) 

In fact, smart plugs will also send you real-time alerts in case any of your devices are malfunctioning, so that you can instantly attend to the problem instead of letting things worsen over time.

8. Control your kids’/parents’ screen time

Smart plugs are a blessing for busy parents. If your kids tend to binge shows way past their bedtime (and then claim that they forgot your instructions), you can now schedule the screen to turn off on its own at 10 PM. No more sneaking around when you’re sleeping! 

On the other end of the age spectrum, if you have elderly people in the house who find it difficult to operate a certain appliance, like the Air Con or TV, you can help them get around it even when you’re working in the office. 

9. Light up the Festivities comfortably

If you have a gallery or outdoor garden which you decorate with festive lights (that use an extension cord), lanterns, or e-diyas during Diwali or Christmas, you probably have to leave them burning until the morning, then get up and go out to turn them off. 

Then there’s always the inconvenience of remembering when to turn them on in the evening. Often it happens so that you do remember it but it’s still too early in the evening and would waste a lot of power. 

Worry no more, smart plugs are here to the rescue! You can connect the lighting wires to one power board strip, and then bridge the cord to a power socket through a smart plug. This will give you control over the entire balcony/garden’s lighting. 

You can schedule these lights to turn on at the auspicious 7 PM time, and turn off at 2-3 AM just before dawn. 

10. Turn off the AC at night time

Most of us are already energy-conscious, so we only use the AC for cooling the room but don’t really need it to run the entire night. 

If anything, many of us wake up with a shiver and an urgent need to go to the loo, just because the AC has been blasting on way past its usual requirement. 

With a smart plug, you can schedule it to automatically turn off after 1-2 hours, so that you get the cooling effect while catching the Zzz’s, but don’t get interrupted in the middle of the night by a drop in the room temperature. 

Dreaming up all the possibilities? It’s time to call Pert! 

The beauty of Pert’s Smart Plugs is that they’re compact and standalone smart devices.

So it’s a perfect option for non-tech-savvy people who are curious about home automation but don’t really want to commit to, or don’t have the budget for a full-scale smart ecosystem (although that has amazing advantages). 

Of course, I have to point out that all our products are retrofitted easily into your existing systems. It’s actually a hassle-free, wire-free quick installation, but we understand if you need more time to get on board. 

Thanks to smart plugs, you can start with a few devices, and once you see the convenience this brings you, I’m sure you’ll want to expand to other interesting products in the catalog, such as door/window/motion sensors, IR universal remote, smart curtain controllers, and more! 

As with all gadgets, it’s best to experience this first-hand. So go ahead & call us for a free live demo of how your house can be transformed into a paradise with smart IoT technology. 

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