Integrating Health and Wellness: Smart Devices for a Balanced Lifestyle

Team Pert

June 15, 2023

Good health is essential for overall well-being. And, what better way to offer health and wellness, than with a smart lifestyle? Smart home automation promotes better health habits and offers smart solutions to do so. Because, after all, home is where health starts. 

  • Schedules and Reminders:

With smart home automation, you can set your smart devices on a schedule. Your lights will automatically turn on and off at your desired time. Even if you snooze the alarms, you cannot miss your early morning jog with the smart curtains waking you up to the rising sun. In addition to scheduling, Pert smart devices offer the convenience of setting reminders. Whether it’s important tasks, appointments, or deadlines, you can rely on your smart devices and voice assistants to send you reminders at the right time. These reminders can be in the form of voice notifications or push notifications on your smartphone, helping you stay organized and on top of your responsibilities. 

  • Smart Lighting:

With Pert’s Smart Scenes, you can adjust your mood to the ambience of your room. You can control all your smart devices with one click on your Pert app with Smart Scenes. Along with that, Pert’s smart lighting reads the room and automatically reduces or increases the brightness of the lights. Reading would require more focused lights, and watching a movie would require dim lighting, Pert helps you adjust all that with ease. Smart lighting solutions provided by Pert contribute to maintaining good eye health. Smart lighting also contributes to enhancing the environment as it offers energy management solutions.

  • Sleep Management: 

Maintain your sleep schedule with our smart home solutions. Research has shown that a good night’s sleep requires certain environmental conditions. You can adjust your night-time routine to automatically switch off the lights, adjust the air-conditioning temperature, switch on your morning alarm and more with smart-integrated devices, and get a good night’s sleep. 

  • Senior Assistance:

Smart home automation can ensure an effortless lifestyle for the elder members as well as your parents. Using one single interface, such as the voice command that works without any basic input, they can easily access Pert’s smart devices and control them as per their desires. The elders can feel more comfortable and at ease as their physical activity gets undeniably reduced. The wireless setting can be tailored to their needs and preferences, making it easier to use. Smart home automation devices such as motion sensor lights, voice-activated controls, emergency support services, and others also provide comfort and relaxation to people of all ages, especially the elderly.  The purpose of home automation for aging is to provide a secure, comfortable, and accessible living environment for them. 

  • Stress-Free Home Environment:

Smart home automation solutions ease you into your everyday tasks. With this hassle-free, easy-to-use technology, you can reduce your daily stress and annoyances. You can be stress-free about your home’s security with our smart security system in Hyderabad. Even when you are away at work or on a  vacation, you can use our smart home devices with efficiency to check your smart door-lock for any unaccounted entries or track your backyard CCTV for additional assurance. 

Pert’s smart home automation in Hyderabad provides the perfect blend of luxury and convenience, catering to both your comfort and wellness needs.


Q. Can I control multiple devices with Pert’s Cuboid Mini?

A. Yes! You can manage all your IR-based remotes’ devices within the range with Pert’s cuboid mini. 

Q. How can I access Pert’s smart devices remotely from anywhere?

A. Pert’s devices are based on a non-wired technology, functioning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Thus, you can easily access your Pert smart devices remotely from a single, connected interface. 

Q. Can Pert’s smart home devices help people with disabilities?

A. Yes! Pert’s smart home automation solutions enable people with disabilities to do daily tasks with ease and convenience. It promotes a healthy, independent lifestyle for them, with customization and features such as voice commands, scheduling, and more. 

Q. How can I benefit from home automation systems?

A. Home automation systems can enhance energy efficiency, strengthen security, and provide better convenience and ease, in addition to the benefits outlined above for promoting health and wellness.

Q. How can I adjust Pert’s smart light to the ambiance?

A. You can switch on or off the lights with interfaces such as your smartphone, voice commands,  or the Spera series touch switches. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights to suit the ambiance of your home. You can also schedule the activation of lights with your Pert applications, or create a smart scene to control all connected devices.

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