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Team Pert

May 27, 2023

Retrofitting is the process of upgrading or modifying existing appliances and structures to bring them up to modern standards and increase their energy efficiency and productivity. The advancement in home automation solutions allows you to automate appliances at home with retrofitting. With Pert, you can upgrade the switchboards at your home to be controlled by an interface such as your smartphone. 

If you wish to get your appliances and devices retrofitted, here is how you can go about it! 

  1. Understand the Need for Retrofitting:

Assess your living space and understand in what aspects retrofitting is required. Retrofitting is beneficial in many aspects. With reduced effort and added comfort, retrofitting switches increases efficiency and safety. If your existing switches need repair, definitely go for the safer and more convenient option of smart retrofitting of switches with Pert. 

Many options are available for retrofitting switches and you can choose the one that suits your home. There are also variants for the nodes to control a certain number of switches. You could also choose if you want the switch to be manual, touch-based, controlled with a smartphone, or voice controlled. 

  1. Contact Services offering Retrofitting of Switches:

Research and identify the best switch models that satisfy your needs in terms of voltage ratings, current carrying capacity, switching mechanisms, size, and compatibility with the current infrastructure. Pert manufactured solutions that are adaptable to the needs of each home. Contact us to understand how you could switch to retrofitting solutions and the options and features available. 

  1. Installation of the New Switches:

Installations are made easier with Pert. Unlike wired switches, you can opt for an easy and convenient option of non-wired retrofitting. Our products make the installation process much easier with less effort and no electrical work, therefore, causing no structural modifications to your home. 

  1. Re-assessment:

After the installation, we conduct thorough tests to confirm that the newly retrofitted switches are operating as required. We monitor and assess the functioning of the retrofitted structure and measure the energy used, to verify the effectiveness of the retrofitting. To verify the functioning and safety of the switch, we do visual inspections, continuity checks, insulation resistance testing, and any other necessary tests. 

  1. Enjoy!

Sit back and relax with the easy, cost-efficient, and energy-saving you have chosen with retrofitting through Pert. Welcome yourself to the luxury of a home with controlled lighting and electrical appliances. 

As we strive towards a sustainable future, retrofitting provides modern solutions to enhance productivity, we offer seamless home automation solutions to our clients. A smart retrofit switch makes it simple for users to manage their lights from their phones, enabling them to dim or brighten them, turn lights on or off, and set lighting schedules. A smart and energy-efficient solution for you and your home. 


Q. What is Retrofitting?

A. Retrofitting is the process of upgradation or modification of existing structures to enhance their quality and make buildings more energy efficient. It could include energy-efficient lighting, renewable energy options, or incorporating smart technologies into your home. 

Q. Would retrofitting with Pert require any structural modifications?

A. Pert collaborates with professionals, such as architects, engineers, energy auditors, environmental sustainability consultants, installation specialists, and interior designers to make the process of retrofitting easy and effective. Therefore, existing structures could easily be retrofitted with Pert’s advanced solutions.

Q. What is the need for retrofitting with Pert?

A. Retrofitting with Pert can lessen the energy consumption of your home and develop healthier environments for future generations. Pert’s smart solutions enable individuals and homes to upgrade their living space without hassle. 

Q. What should I do in case of assistance after retrofitting switches with Pert? 

A. Pert believes in end-to-end service and will assist our customers whenever required. We, therefore, conduct a thorough re-assessment to ensure the safety and functioning of the retrofitted switches. In case of assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What all can Pert retrofit switches do?

A. Pert offers a wide range of solutions for smart home automation. The retrofit switches can control the activation of lights, fans, and other appliances, and can also dim the lights or reduce fan speed. The activation could also be scheduled to your needs or be voice-activated.

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