Collaborating for Seamless Smart Homes: Pert’s Partnerships

Team Pert

May 27, 2023

When it comes to automating your home, we know we can be your best choice. From smart home devices to an entire smart home automated home, we can give it all to you. We are the only company that provides customers with end-to-end automation solutions. We design, develop, and manufacture our own products. Where? In our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, of course. 

Many leading brands in India trust us with their products too! But how do we make it happen? At Pert, we believe in working and collaborating with the best so that we can offer you top-quality smart home solutions. Let’s take a look at what kind of niches we collaborate with to bring you perfectly seamless smart home automation solutions. 

Let’s begin with our channel partners. We have been working with some of the most reputed partners across the county for several years now. Hand-in-hand, we have been able to deliver the most advanced, wireless smart home systems to many Indian homes. 

What are we able to do because of our partners?

We are able to add value to our deliverables, and we help them increase revenue by making the most fantastic products. They give us installation and marketing support, and we give them complete technical training.

Next, we’ll talk about our builders. Nowadays, automated systems and devices are considered a part of a home’s luxuries. Many a family demands smart homes. Our builder partners help us meet the ever-growing demands of ultra-modern buyers. 

With our builder partners, we are able to meet the current needs of the market. We help them distinguish themselves from the other companies in the construction business. Partnering with us makes people view our partners in a completely different light, basically adding more value. Also, it results in increased return on investments. 

Ah, we could never forget the interior designers. At Pert, we provide our customers with a wide range of products that can be customized in various ways. We try to keep in step with the imagination of our customers. And we know that we need interior designers to keep ourselves up to date. 

With the help of our interior designers, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients as per their requirements. Our collaboration with them also allows us to give our clients modular solutions. Not only are the solutions modular but they can also be upgraded! By now you must know we retrofit all your home automation devices so that you don’t need to deal with the hassle of breaking walls and wires popping out of everywhere. This is made possible with assistance from our interior designers too. So, all in all, they help us provide all these amazing, robust solutions that make Pert’s home automation solutions more desirable. 

Last, but never least, we join hands with system integrators. You see, our products exclusively are sold, set up, and endorsed by some of the best smart home service providers. Our service partners receive guidance from us regularly. We provide swift troubleshooting, and regular updates about our products and services to them. 

So, our system integrators get complete products, technology, and business training from us. What else? We also have policies and processes in place that are partner-friendly, to protect them. We also offer a low starting investment, and you get to stock some of our materials. Plus, we do not demand a security deposit. 

Now, that all this is cleared out, get in touch with us and we can talk about all of this in proper detail!


Q. What is Pert’s specialty in the home automation industry? 

A. Pert is an end-to-end home automation solution provider that designs, develops, and manufactures its own products.

Q. Does Pert only offer products to individual consumers or does it collaborate with other businesses as well? 

A. Pert collaborates with channel partners, builders, interior designers, and system integrators to provide seamless home automation solutions to its clients.

Q. What kind of value does Pert provide to its channel partners? 

A. Pert helps its channel partners increase revenue by delivering top-quality smart home products while providing complete technical training and installation and marketing support.

Q. How does Pert work with builders to meet the demand for smart homes? 

A. Pert collaborates with builders to meet the needs of modern buyers and helps them distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering home automation solutions that add value and increase ROI.

Q. Why does Pert collaborate with interior designers? 

A. Pert collaborates with interior designers to provide tailor-made solutions that are customized to the client’s requirements and can be upgraded easily without the need for any structural changes.

Q. Does Pert provide support to its service partners? 

A. Yes, Pert provides regular guidance, troubleshooting, and updates to its service partners, who exclusively sell, set up, and endorse Pert’s products.

Q. What kind of training does Pert offer to its system integrators? 

A. Pert offers complete products, technology, and business training to its system integrators, along with partner-friendly policies and processes and a low starting investment.

Q. Does Pert manufacture its products in India? 

A. Yes, Pert manufactures its products in India in its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit.

Q. What kind of products does Pert offer? 

A. Pert offers a wide range of smart home devices and systems, including lighting, security, and climate control solutions.

Q. Can Pert’s products be retrofitted into existing homes? 

A. Yes, Pert’s products can be retrofitted into existing homes, eliminating the need for any structural changes or rewiring.

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