Welcome the Future of Home Automation in India 

Team Pert

June 1, 2023

Technology and its advancement have impacted each of our lives in many ways. Welcome the future of home automation in India with smart home automation devices. Powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home automation is the automatic technology that can control home appliances with a connected network. India has mostly seen such smart automation devices in offices, institutions, hotels, and restaurants. With Pert smart home automation devices, you can experience the convenience and luxury of smart home automation from the comfort of your home. To understand the impact of home automation in India, let us first take a look at the importance of home automation. 

Why do we need smart home devices?

  1. Control and Convenience

You can control all your smart devices manually, through the app, or voice commands. It is a perfect solution for those with a busy lifestyle and the added convenience of smart home automation devices. 

  1. Wireless Technologies

As opposed to the traditional system of wired independent networks, smart home automation with Pert offers wireless systems. It makes the installation easier with retrofitting and no breaking down of walls and is easier and safer to use. Connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can be connected to all your systems with maximum efficiency. 

  1. Environment-Friendly 

The automated systems of smart devices can adjust themselves according to the weather conditions, making the most of the natural daylight and weather conditions making it environmentally friendly. It limits the energy consumption of electronic devices with its smart tech systems and increases energy efficiency. 

  1. Easy on the Costs

Although the initial costs may seem higher than common electrical devices, smart home automation systems are more budget-friendly in the long run. It reduces not only the environmental impact but also reduces living costs with its controlled and integrated set-up. Such a system is perfect for the Indian market that focuses on long-term purchases. 

  1. Security

Home automation offers a wide range of devices that promise security, such as smart locks, smart door video, and smart video surveillance. As it can be monitored from anywhere, it provides remote access to your home and ensures safety. 

India is witnessing a technology never seen before with smart home automation. It enables you to connect all your electronic devices and control them through one user-friendly interface. With this connected network of home automation devices, you can create an ecosystem where changes in one can automatically alter the other devices. To quote an instance of convenience out of many, you can control the lights and curtain with a connected network according to the time of the day and the weather outside either automatically or through voice activation and smart switches. 

These advantages are making homeowners gradually adopt smart bulbs over ordinary ones. As smart devices are being integrated into Indian households, the IoT is transforming lives. As the area keeps growing, smart home automation devices leave room to accommodate more devices. Almost all devices can be connected with smart technology, and India is advancing with such an integration. This fast-expanding field is always evolving and developing with more user-friendly solutions and offering seamless home automation solutions to cater to Indian consumers. 


Q. What smart home automation devices does Pert offer?

A. Pert offers a range of products and services for smart home automation. These include solutions for controlled lighting, smart switchboards, curtain control, temperature adjustment, and security systems. 

Q. Where does Pert manufacture their smart home automation devices? 

A. Pert manufactures all their products with in-house manufacturing with state-of-the-art equipment in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. 

Q. How do Pert smart homes devices offer remote access from anywhere?

A. Pert’s smart home automation devices are based on a non-wired system of integration, connecting all electronic devices to one user interface. Their app-controlled systems operating on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can give you remote access to your devices and control lighting, air-conditioning, or monitor security systems from anywhere in the world. 

Q. Can I customize my Pert smart home automation system?

A. Pert’s products are specialized in being user-friendly. With its smart solutions, you can customize your devices with specific commands, adding schedules to control the lighting or other devices in your home. With the variety of each product we offer, we work closely with interior designers to create a smart home system that blends with your home. 

Q. Does Pert offer sensor-based home automation?

A. Yes! Pert’s devices can be activated by sensors. The security devices, especially, are designed to be alerted based on sensor-based activation. You can get in touch with us to know more about how you can customize your home automation system to be sensor-based.

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