Protect Your Packages from Porch Pirates with Smart Security.

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July 27, 2023

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Picture this: You’re eagerly anticipating a long-awaited delivery, and you excitedly track your package online as it reaches your neighborhood. But just as the delivery status changes to “delivered,” dread washes over you. What if your package falls victim to the notorious porch pirates lurking around your area? Fear not friends, for in this blog, we shall delve into the world of smart security and discover ingenious ways to thwart those pirates and safeguard our precious parcels!

Pert offers the best smart home automation solutions in Hyderabad. Its solutions are designed to turn your humble abode into a futuristic marvel! Say goodbye to mundane home security and hello to an enchanting world of convenience and protection. Step into the world of Pert, where smart home automation is at its finest, offering you an all-encompassing solution to elevate your home to unparalleled heights of sophisticated security. With Pert’s intuitive devices, you’ll witness the magic of smart security, right at your fingertips. Whether you seek to enhance security or revel in seamless control, Pert is the answer you’ve been searching for the best home automation near you.

  • Smart Locks: Your Key to Convenience and Security

Gone are the days of fumbling with keys or worrying about misplaced keys. Pert’s smart locks usher in a new era of seamless entry to your home. These intelligent locks can be controlled and unlocked not only via the smartphone or app but also with fingerprint and password. You can even grant temporary access to guests or service providers, with the help of the OTP access thereby eliminating the need for physical keys altogether.

Security is also added with convenience. Pert smart locks employ advanced encryption and authentication protocols, ensuring that your home remains impenetrable to unauthorised access. Rest assured, your castle is under your \ control, even when you’re miles away.

  • Video Doorbells: The Eyes That Never Blink

Knock-knock! Who’s there? With Pert’s Video Doorbells, you’ll always know. These smart doorbells act as vigilant sentinels, equipped with HD cameras, motion sensors, and two-way audio. Whenever someone approaches your doorstep, you receive instant notifications on your Pert app. Greet your guests or instruct delivery personnel remotely, even when you’re away.

In the face of potential intruders or porch pirates, the video doorbells act as a formidable deterrent. Would-be wrongdoers will think twice before crossing the threshold of your home, knowing they’re under the watchful gaze of Pert’s vigilant sentries.

  • Smart Cameras: Unblinking Guardians of Your Domain

Pert’s Smart Cameras stand guard, capturing every moment in high-definition detail. Whether it’s daylight or darkness, rain or shine, these cameras provide clear footage and live streaming to your smartphone. 

Monitor the surroundings of your home, keep an eye on your pets, or simply check in on your property while you’re away. In addition to safeguarding your home, Pert’s smart cameras help protect your packages from porch pirates, ensuring secure deliveries. With the ability to store recordings in the cloud or local storage, you can always review past events and ensure your home remains safe and secure.

  • Pert Door Window and Motion Sensors: A Symphony of Protection

The heartbeat of Pert’s smart security lies in the Door Window and Motion Sensors. These battery-based sensors are the first line of defense, detecting any unauthorized activity near your doors and windows. If an unusual movement is detected, a swift notification is dispatched to your smartphone via the Pert app.

By creating a mesh network, these sensors communicate with each other, forming a cohesive security blanket around your home. Rest easy, for Pert’s guardianship ensures that every corner of your castle is safeguarded from potential threats.

  • Pert Smart Phone App: Your Command Center in Your Pocket

With the Pert smart phone app, you hold the reins to your smart home security right in the palm of your hand. This intuitive and user-friendly app allows you to monitor, manage, and customise all your Pert security devices seamlessly. Receive instant updates and alerts from your Pert Door Window and Motion Sensors, control your Smart Locks, and view live feeds from your smart cameras with ease.

What’s more? The app lets you integrate various Pert devices into smart routines, creating a symphony of automation that enhances both convenience and security. Your phone becomes the wizard’s wand, casting spells to protect your realm!


As the curtains draw on our blog journey through the enchanting world of Pert’s smart home automation, we bid farewell to mundane living and embrace the wonders of the future. In Hyderabad, Pert stands tall as the beacon of quality, offering the best smart home automation that revolutionizes the way we experience and safeguard our homes.

Explore and visit our Pert experience center as it stands as the vanguard of home security. Embrace the power of Pert, the best in automated homes that help equip your home with the best smart security devices, in order that your abode will truly become an impenetrable fortress. Protect what matters most, and let Pert’s ingenuity secure your peace of mind.


Q. How do Pert Smart Locks work?

    A. Pert Smart Locks allow remote control via your smartphone. Lock or unlock doors with a tap on the Pert app and grant temporary access to guests.

    Q. Can I monitor all Pert devices from one app?

    A. Yes, the Pert smart phone app serves as your command center, providing real-time updates and control over all Pert devices seamlessly.

    Q. Are Pert Video Doorbells effective against intruders?

    A. Absolutely! Equipped with HD cameras and motion sensors, Pert Video Doorbells act as vigilant sentinels, deterring potential intruders.

    Q. Do Pert Smart Cameras work in low light?

    A. Yes, Pert Smart Cameras provide clear footage and live streaming even in low-light conditions, ensuring your property is always monitored.

    Q. How do Pert Door Window and Motion Sensors enhance security?

    A. These battery-based sensors detect unauthorized activity and send instant notifications to your smartphone, forming a cohesive security network.

    Q. Does Pert offer home automation services near me?

    A. Yes, Pert provides the best smart home automation in Hyderabad, transforming homes into futuristic marvels of convenience and protection.

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