Creating a Sustainable Smart Home: Eco-Friendly Solutions for Every Room

Team Pert

June 9, 2023

Welcome to the realm of sustainable smart homes, where technology and environmental consciousness merge to redefine the way we live.

But hold on tight, because we have something revolutionary in store for you. With Pert, you can achieve the smart home of your dreams without the hassle of disruptive installations or major changes. Let’s embark on this exciting journey towards a sustainable and effortless smart home experience.

  • The Foyer: Enlightening First Impressions

Let’s start our sustainable adventure in the foyer, where first impressions matter. Swap out traditional switches with Pert’s energy-efficient smart touch switches and impress your guests. And guess what? Pert’s smart switches can be installed on any wall without actually breaking it. They are customizable and add a stylish look to any wall. These smart switches will last longer than the wait for your favorite TV show’s next season!

  • The Kitchen: Cooking up Sustainability

Whip up sustainable success in the kitchen! Choose Pert’s energy-efficient appliances to reduce waste and prevent boiling over energy bills. With Pert products, we make appliances more energy efficient for a greener future.

  • The Living Room: Eco-Luxe Retreat

Your living room is a place of relaxation, so let’s make it eco-luxe! Opt for a Pert Curtain Controller. This is a Wi-Fi driver that allows you to control your curtains through Pert App or using your voice command. It also performs functions such as opening up and closing down the curtains. Control your curtains with a simple touch. Get ready to wake up to natural light, let your curtains close at sunset, save energy, and maintain the right temperature within the house at all times. 

  • The Bedroom: Sleep in Sustainable Serenity

In the bedroom, it’s time to catch some sustainable Zzzs. Invest in eco-friendly bedding made from organic materials, because why wouldn’t you want to snuggle up with Mother Nature? And let’s not forget about smart lighting systems that can help you set the mood for a dreamy night’s sleep while saving energy. It’s a sleepover with sustainability!

  • The Bathroom: Clean and Green

Our journey takes us to the bathroom, where cleanliness meets sustainability. Install Pert’s smart plug for the bathroom which is a smart wi-fi enabled device and lets you control your geysers and other electronic devices from anywhere through your smartphone. It’s time to scrub-a-dub-dub and save the Earth while we’re at it!

  • The Home Office: Productivity with Purpose

Last but not least, let’s make your home office an eco-conscious productivity haven. Choose energy-efficient computers and printers, and surround yourself with plants that boost your focus and purify the air. And here’s a bright idea: no need for a controller or hub—Pert’s smart devices connect directly, simplifying your smart home management.


Q. Do I need a separate controller or hub to use Pert products?

A.No, Pert connects directly with your smart devices, eliminating the need for an additional controller or hub.

Q. Can I control Pert devices when there is no internet connection?

A. Yes, Pert devices work locally through your router, allowing you to control them even without an internet connection.

Q. Do I need to configure static IP settings for Pert products?

A. No, Pert products are designed for plug-and-play simplicity, eliminating the need for complex configurations or static IP settings.

Q. Can I control Pert devices with my smartphone or voice assistant?

A. Yes, you can control Pert devices directly from your smartphone or through voice commands with a compatible voice assistant.

Q. What happens if my Wi-Fi goes down? Will Pert devices still work?

A. Yes, Pert devices will continue to function and communicate with each other through your router, even if your Wi-Fi connection is down.

Q. Are Pert products compatible with other smart home devices?

    A. Pert products are designed to be compatible with a wide range of smart home devices, allowing you to create a seamlessly connected ecosystem in your home.

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