The Role of Smart Home Automation in Rental Property Market!

Team Pert

July 29, 2023

In the fast-paced 21st century, the concept of home has evolved beyond the traditional brick and mortar structure. With the rise of smart home automation, homes have become an embodiment of convenience, sustainability, security, and futuristic living. 

This blog will help you indulge into the incredible role that smart home automation plays in the rental property market in India, with a particular focus on Pert, a top-notch home automation solutions company based out of Hyderabad. We will explore how embracing smart home features enhances the appeal of rental properties, captures the hearts and minds of tenants, acts as an added incentive for someone who’s moving in and ultimately leads to successful lease agreements.

1. Smart Homes: Redefine Convenience

Let’s face it: convenience sells! Renters today seek hassle-free living experiences, and smart home automation is the answer to their prayers. Imagine arriving at a rental property where lights automatically illuminate as you step through the door, the A/C adjusts to your preferred temperature, and soothing music starts playing in the background. It’s not just an automated house, it’s a welcoming and unforgettable experience! 

Pert’s smart lighting solutions in Hyderabad (India) allow you total control over home lighting, from scheduling to dimming. Just one command and you can turn on your deck lights, schedule them to switch on and off at particular times and much more. 

2. Pert App: A Gateway to Futuristic Living

Incorporating smart home technology transforms a run-of-the-mill rental property into a glimpse of the future. Prospective tenants are enticed by the prospect of controlling their homes with a few taps on their smartphones. The Pert app has a simple and intelligent user interface that helps you control all your appliances, one at a time or all at once and gives real time data, always.  

From adjusting lighting and temperature to managing security cameras remotely with a Pert app, satisfies the tech-savvy soul within us all.

3. Smart Plugs: Reroute to Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Living

“Penny wise and eco-friendly!” – A perfect motto for the 21st-century renter. Smart home automation optimises energy consumption, allowing tenants to monitor and control usage efficiently. From energy-efficient LED lighting to smart thermostats regulating heating and cooling, tenants can revel in the joy of saving money while reducing their carbon footprint. Hyderabad’s best home automation company Pert has smart plugs, that helps to monitor the energy consumption of all your electrical appliances. The Pert App acts as your energy detective, helping you identify the power-hungry villains.  

4. Smart Security: Guardian Angels of Rental Properties

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes, and smart security features cater to that need splendidly. Rental properties equipped with smart security cameras, video doorbells, and motion sensors provide peace of mind to tenants. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a place where their home itself acts as the ultimate guardian angel?

Pert smart lock not only enhances the security of your home but also makes your daily life easier and more convenient. By installing our smart doorbell and cameras, you can keep your rental property safer and eliminate risks associated with opening the door for strangers and monitor your home remotely.

5. Tailored Experiences: The Personal Touch

Home automation can be personalised to match individual preferences. Pert offers customisation and scheduling of devices on the Pert app. The rental property owners can include this feature of Pert when they lease out their apartments. You can choose to create a smart scene with the app’s recommendations or personalise it for your use. You can set the lighting, curtain control, thermostat, and others to set the perfect scene.  Tenants can create custom scenes for various moods – “Relaxation Mode” dims the lights and plays soothing music, while “Movie Night” activates the projector and sets the perfect ambiance. Such personalised experiences make renters feel cherished, ensuring they stay longer and turn the rental property into a true home.  

6. Remote Management: The Landlord’s Ace Card

For landlords, smart home automation offers unparalleled convenience. From miles away, property owners can monitor energy consumption, check security feeds, and even troubleshoot minor issues, all through a the Pert app. With a swift tap of their fingers, they can ensure everything is in order, making the management of rental properties a breeze!

7. Marketing Magic: Attracting Desirable Tenants

The inclusion of smart home features in rental listings acts as an attention-grabber. And with Pert as the best home automation company in Hyderabad, prospective tenants are naturally drawn to properties that offers in terms of comfort and elegance for modern living. Smart homes resonate with professionals, tech enthusiasts, and millennials – the demographic that often defines the rental market.

8. The “Smart” Return on Investment (ROI)

While implementing home automation technologies may involve an upfront cost, the long-term benefits outweigh it significantly. Smart home automation by Pert will help increase the property’s value, allowing landlords to charge higher rents. Additionally, properties with automation are in high demand, reducing vacancy periods and increasing overall profitability.


To say the least,  smart home automation plays an integral role in the marketing of rental properties. Embracing this technological revolution is a win-win situation for all rental property owners, and for rental marketing as well and with Pert’s innovative solutions, it’s time to elevate the rental property market to new heights. 

Schedule a visit to our experience centre today to understand the functionality and the utility automation brings along in a space.


Q. Are there any cost-saving benefits for property owners when using smart home automation?

A. Yes, with Pert’s smart home automation rental property owners can lead to cost savings for property owners. For instance, smart temperature control can optimise heating and cooling, resulting in reduced energy bills. Additionally, remote monitoring with the Pert app can help identify maintenance issues early, preventing more extensive and expensive repairs later on.

Q. How much does it cost to implement smart home automation in a rental property?

A. The cost of implementing smart home automation in a rental property can vary depending on the number of devices, brands, and features chosen. It typically involves upfront costs for purchasing smart devices and may require professional installation. However, the long-term benefits in energy savings and increased rental appeal can outweigh the initial investment. Visit Pert’s experience centre to get a comprehensive understanding of the features and gain first-hand experience with smart home automation.

Q. Is it possible to change the exiting wiring with smart home features on an existing rental property?

A.Pert’s retrofit switches are designed for easy installation and require no major electrical work. This makes our retrofit feature to be a cost -effective way to add smart functionality to your space.

Q. Does smart home automation contribute to cost-efficient and sustainable living?

A. Smart home automation by Pert helps optimises energy consumption, enabling tenants to monitor and control usage efficiently. With energy-efficient lighting solutions, smart thermostats, and smart plugs offered by Pert, renters can save money while reducing their carbon footprint. The Pert App also allows and acts as an “energy detective,” helping tenants identify power-hungry appliances and promoting sustainable living.

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