How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill with Smart Home Automation

Team Pert

July 14, 2023

Welcome to the world of smart savings! Pert, the undisputed champion of home automation in Hyderabad, is here to rescue you from exorbitant electricity costs. Embrace a future that Say goodbye to outrageous expenses as Pert helps you take control. Experience the magic of significant savings and bid farewell to phantom power.

With Pert’s innovative solutions encompassing convenience, energy efficiency, and operating potentiality, we have emerged as one of the powerhouses in the realm of home automation in Hyderabad. Whether you reside in a lavish villa or a cosy apartment, we have the perfect recipe to make your energy bills shrink while you revel in the modern marvels of smart living.

  • Smart Home, Smart Savings

When it comes to reducing your electricity bill, it all starts with selecting the right home automation solution. Pert offers a wide range of innovative products and services, tailored to meet the unique needs of every market segment. Regardless of your residential setup, Pert has got you covered

  • The Power of Smart Lighting

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to reduce your electricity expenses is by optimising your lighting system. With Pert’s smart lighting solutions, you can have full control over your home’s lighting. Use our mobile app to schedule lights to turn on and off automatically, dim the lights to create the perfect ambience, or even integrate them with our smart switches for energy-efficient illumination. 

  • Energy Management Made Easy

Pert’s home automation system empowers you to take charge of your energy consumption. With real-time monitoring and insightful analytics, you can identify power-hungry appliances and devices, and make informed decisions to reduce wastage. Receive alerts when energy limits are exceeded, enabling you to take immediate action and optimize your electricity usage with Pert.

  • Climate Control at Your Fingertips

HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) contribute significantly to your energy bill. With Smart control panel, you could control all you smart air conditioners, and curtains. 

Program your air conditioners to adjust automatically based on occupancy or outdoor weather conditions. With remote access via our Pert app, you can ensure that your home is always at the ideal temperature while minimising energy wastage.

  • Plug into the Future with our Smart Plug

Did you know that even when your devices are turned off, they still consume standby power? 

Pert’s smart plug is a smart Wi-Fi enabled device that lets you control your ACs, geysers and other electronic devices from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. It helps access key controls such as on/off, setting schedules and energy saving.

By connecting your appliances to smart plugs, you can control them remotely even if you don’t have a home automation system, schedule their operation, and even monitor their energy consumption. 

  • Future-Proof Your Home

Pert, a leading IoT company, presents Cuboid Mini: the ultimate IR remote control solution. With advanced features and a sleek design, it provides convenience and energy savings. Enjoy smart automation, reduce energy consumption, and lower your electricity bill. Stay ahead with Pert!

Smart Tips for an Energy – Efficient Home

Crafting an energy-efficient home neither has to be daunting nor costly. With Pert by your side, you can make a significant impact on consumption, expenses, and the environment. 

  • Schedule Smart Devices

Set timers for weekdays when you’re not at home to conserve energy and reduce overall consumption. Efficient scheduling helps save energy and cut down on costs.

  • Ensure proper maintenance

Regular maintenance of appliances will yield in optimal efficiency and reduced energy use.

  • Opt for energy-efficient appliances

Smart appliances like smart ACs and fridges helps to conserve energy, reduce consumption, and lower electric bills effectively.

  • Harness the advantages of home automation

Monitor and control energy usage effortlessly with smart technology. Embrace convenience, efficiency, and savings in energy management.


To conclude, Pert, the leading home automation company in Hyderabad, stands tall as the unsung hero when it comes to energy savings. With our innovative approach to smart homes, we help transform houses into energy-conscious havens without compromising on safety, comfort, or convenience. 

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we are propelling the home automation industry forward, paving the way towards a greener, smarter, and more economical future.


Q. How can smart homes help reduce my electricity bill?

A. Pert is the best smart home automation company that offers innovative home automation solutions to optimise energy consumption, monitor power-hungry devices, and provide real-time insights to help you make informed decisions and reduce electricity wastage.

Q. Do smart home devices use a lot of electricity?

A. Pert’s smart home devices, are designed to be highly energy efficient. They have the ability to adapt to changing energy needs and can even identify and minimise waste in electricity. By automating various aspects of your home, our smart devices can significantly reduce your overall energy consumption, leading to substantial energy savings. So, rest assured that using smart home devices can help optimise energy usage in your home.

Q. How does a smart plug help save energy?

A. Pert’s smart plug enables remote control of appliances such as ACs and geysers. It allows you to turn them on/off, set schedules, and monitor energy consumption, helping you save energy by eliminating standby power consumption.

Q. How does smart lighting save energy?

A. Smart lights saves energy through energy efficiency and greater control. It has also been found and proved that smart lights produce less heat, consuming less energy than traditional lights. They last approximately 25 times longer, reducing replacements. With our  smart lighting, you have flexible control over brightness, allowing you to adjust it according to your needs, minimising unnecessary energy usage.

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