Automating Your Home in 2023? Here is What You Can do!

Team Pert

May 31, 2023

Smart home automation offers a wide range of products and services that provide safety and convenience. Smart homes offer a smart luxurious lifestyle. With so many options in the market, here is how you can upgrade your homes in 2023 with these trending ideas.

  1. Add Smart Locks to Your Home

Any house could use a smart lock. You can avoid the entire hassle of keeping and losing a key, and secure your house with the safety measures smart locks provide. Smart locks are generally placed at the entrance of houses. If it is secured, you can negate any potential risks. The smart locks could be password protected or be based on biometric technology. Some products also have a provision for video surveillance of the doorbell so that the residents know who is outside before they open the door. Functioning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can easily install a new smart lock system with its wireless technology. You may program the smart lock to your convenience and be rest assured of safety and security. 

  1. Replace old switches with Smart Touch Switches 

Replace your old switches with the aesthetically beautiful capacitive touch switch with tempered glass from Pert. It is simple to install and does not require any wall-breaking. The smart switchboard could also be voice operated, altered via an app, or controlled remotely via capacitive touch control. You could even schedule the activation of the connections through the smart switch with the app. The switchboard can withstand heavy loads while maintaining maximum safety. 

  1. Install Smart Lighting 

Smart lighting control is ideal to manage lighting. Providing greater control over all the types of lighting across your living space, it enables you to effortlessly adjust the activation, and the desired quantity of light through manual, voice-activated, or smartphone control. This one-time investment can improve your quality of life. Smart house lighting can also help you save money, and the installation could not be simpler with the retrofitting solutions at Pert. After you’ve installed your new light, you can use your smartphone to change the color, reduce it to your desired brightness, or set it to turn on and off at specified times of the day. You could customize the lighting to your convenience. For example, you could enable a single button to activate all lighting, and double-tap the same button to turn everything off.

  1. Install Smart Curtains

With the option of smart lighting, you also have the option to control the natural lighting in your room. Adjust the draperies, shades, or blinds for keeping the late afternoon sun away from your eyes without moving an inch. Welcome the morning lights from the comfort of your bed without getting back. As an environment-friendly option, you can control the entrance of light based on the time of the day and schedule the curtain operations. You can make the most of the natural lighting with the temperature and light control even if you are away. This can be done by scheduling the functions beforehand or operating them through the app.

  1. Voice Activated Devices 

What is more convenient than something listening to and abiding by your commands? Smart home automation offers a wide range of devices that can be voice controlled. You can have cues such as claps, or saying commands, and the lighting will dim, or the curtains will rise, or the temperature of the air-conditioner will alter. With your voice commands, the smart devices will automatically act accordingly. 

Not only does smart home automation add to the convenience of luxury, but it is also energy efficient and ecological. These budget-friendly devices can enhance your living space and your quality of life with less effort put into the installation and maintenance, adding to productivity. In 2023, add simplicity and comfort with these advanced tech devices to your homes.


Q. How are curtains made controllable by Pert?

A. Pert offers motorized smart curtain openers and automated blinds and shades for your home. Get in touch with our exPerts to understand what options are available and what works best for you. 

Q. What security devices are available at Pert?

A. Pert offers a range of devices for safety and security. These include smart door locks, security cameras powered with sensors, smart door video, and more. 

Q. How is the installation of smart home devices made easy at Pert?

A. Unlike traditional home automation devices, at Pert, our devices are equipped with non-wired transmission and connectivity. Therefore, you can replace old devices with Pert smart devices without any major modifications to accommodate them. Connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, access to these smart devices becomes easier with Pert. 

Q. How is privacy maintained with Pert smart devices?

A. Pert has a strict privacy policy that is adhered to at all times. We only collect user-provided information. Unless opted for, location and other personal details are not recorded by our smart devices. 

Q. How can customers use smartphones to control lighting and other smartphone devices?

A. Using a single interface such as a smartphone, you can easily control and monitor the smart home devices offered at Pert with a centralized connected app. (more than that, one among 3, add voice and touch switch)

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