Why Builders & Construction Businesses in India are turning towards Smart Homes

Team Pert

October 6, 2022

The real estate market in India has stayed relatively stable through the pandemic & the resulting economic slowdown, according to reports by Knight Frank India & other researchers. The trend is only going to go upward, as the sector reaches US$ 1 trillion in market size by 2030, contributing 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025. 

As millennials mature, they’re interested in owning second homes in the suburbs or surrounding regions, preferably with spacious amenities that support their lifestyle needs. 

But as the demand for new residences increases, so does the competition. Construction businesses & property builders are finding it difficult to stand out & close deals without sacrificing the price point, which is not a viable option in the long run. 

In such cases, offering homes with in-built, ready-made smart device automation technology can be a game-changer that puts your brand ahead of the curve. 

At Pert, we offer special smart plans that are customizable to your budget, property structures, and surrounding facilities. Our plans help you automate your spaces in many interesting ways: 

  • Retrofit switches for Lights & Fans (remote control via mobile app/voice commands)
  • IR Blaster (universal remote) for AC, TV, Set-top box, and 80,000+ other devices
  • Smart Plugs for individual heavy loads such as geyser, microwave, fridge, etc.
  • … and many other possibilities like elegant touch switchboards, smart bulbs, etc. 

The best part is that since Pert is completely retrofittable, it easily integrates into any existing setup without the need for extra wiring or any remodeling/wall damage. This means that no matter which stages your project is at – procurement, commission, design, or occupancy – adding smart features to the flats/houses is a small, hassle-free step with great returns. 

Pre-installing our ecosystem & adding its functionality to your project’s catalog can attract more quality bookings at a better price. In this blog post, we’ll share some reasons on how exactly Pert makes it possible (and profitable).  

1. Unlock & justify a Higher Perceived Value

Smart Home automation devices have a premium rate in the market as they’re still considered a modern & Western concept, resulting in a higher price point. But individual homeowners are ready to pay the price to get the benefits in return, which include: 

  • Ability to remotely control & schedule their appliances or ambiances as per their daily routines & moods
  • Access to reports & insights on the energy consumption of each connected load or room
  • The feeling of safety, which comes with being able to monitor & check back into your home from anywhere

Customers are already searching online for third-party automation solutions that fulfill the above needs. In fact, a 2021 survey conducted by Xiaomi suggests that 70% of consumers have already bought at least one smart device over the pandemic, primarily because of the convenience & remote control features. So there’s no doubt that smart homes are the new norm – it’s what today’s customers are expecting & demanding. 

By offering smart technology as part of your basic package, you’re saving searchers valuable time & effort. This lets you not only capture their traffic early on but also takes your perceived value one notch higher than competitors. 

Basically, when homebuyers see you’re offering modern functionalities already baked into the package, they become less price-sensitive & more excited by the new possibilities. In other words, a simple “smart add-on” helps you justify & negotiate a much higher quotation, translating into more profitable bookings. 

Simply put, it’s a small investment that can exponentially increase your ROI. 

2. Look cooler in your marketing communications

Ultimately, buying a property is all about the feel of it. Customers are looking not just for a few square feet to fill but a unique lifestyle they can experience everyday. This is why having good amenities like indoor pools, parks, gyms, etc. has become a top priority, even in the most crowded of regions.

What’s more important is featuring all the facilities in your communications across all mediums such as OOH (billboards, newspaper) digital (social media, Facebook ads), and sales material (brochures, pamphlets). When you showcase exciting viral-worthy photos & videos, it triggers word of mouth, leading to more inquiries & bookings.

This is where having smart functionalities comes in handy. Just some of the features you can highlight in your catalog are: 

  • Lights turning on with a tap on the phone/voice command
  • Curtains automatically opening/closing at a set time
  • Families enjoying movie night with a customized ambiance 
  • AC, Fans, and other devices all working remotely

When you take videos or photos of these features in action, it adds a special “oomph” to your content. In other words, the stuff just makes you look more premium, professional, cutting-edge, and sought-after. It’ll blow away the kids, and stick in the parents’ minds. 

Ultimately, remember that a brand is all about how it feels, and customers gravitate towards the option that makes them feel most pampered, which brings us to the last advantage of incorporating smart automation into your property.

3. Differentiate your Project from other nearby options

As more options open up to meet the demand, customers will get more picky. A decade ago, you could differentiate your project by including more amenities, like a larger heated pool, multi-floor gyms, or more garden/forest area spaces. But nowadays, every brand offers those.

However, not many projects have hopped on to the idea of in-built smart home automation, which means there’s an interesting opportunity for you to take control of the niche segment & establish (position) yourself as a smart constructor early on. 

Having makes it extraordinarily easy to convince potential leads of why they should go with you. It also gives them a strong talking point to show off in conversations with their personal network, which will only pull more inquiries your way. 

All in all, offering smart properties provides a clear long-term strategic positioning advantage in a highly competitive market that’ll become saturated very soon. 

Conclusion: Smart Homes give you the Smart Edge

In this blog post, we discussed how incorporating Pert’s technology can help any constructor or real estate business boost their property’s value & ROI. To summarize the key takeaways: 

  • Unlocks new perceived value & justifies a premium quote
  • Adds a special oomph to your marketing communications
  • Helps to position yourself differently from other competitors 

If you’d like to explore our products & plans in detail, click here to view the business catalog. We’ve already begun large-scale partnerships in Hyderabad, Telangana, and other areas. So we’re eager to onboard more partners & infuse smart tech into every property across the globe.

So do contact us on any of the following channels & book a call with our representatives today!   

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