Top 7 Trends in Smart Home Automation

Team Pert

May 29, 2023

Home automation solutions never looked better! As the Internet of Things and AI take the world by storm, dependency on innovation and technological advancement has increased. The current trends in smart home automation include the following. 

  1. Providing Easy Access Solutions

Smart home automation solutions reduce effort and make controlling digital systems inside your home easier to access. Pert’s wireless control set-up gives remote access to your devices, making tasks like drawing the curtains, switching on or off the lights and setting the temperature within your house more convenient to control. Smart home automation connects all your digital devices to one single interface, allowing you to operate all the systems remotely and conveniently. 

  1. Sensor-Based Technology

Recent advancements in technology offer digital control through sensors. For instance, lights in a room turn on when you enter and turn off as you exit, based on the sensor realizing your presence in the room. This energy-efficient solution allows you convenience and sustainability together. Similarly, temperature sensors can easily control the thermostat in case of heat from cooking or outside weather conditions. Smart air purifiers, too, can sense the air quality and adjust the inflow of air following it. 

  1. Voice Commands 

Advanced AI solutions offer you a range of practical functionality options, like voice commands. With voice-activated actions, you can control the music, how the lights turn on, and the temperature of the room. It could be based on claps or saying commands like “turn off the light”. With such solutions, even the interface of smartphones would not be required. 

  1. “Secured” Security 

With smart home automation, you can be assured of the safety and security of your home. With CCTV monitoring 24/7, you can access the recorded footage at any time. Motion and smoke sensors can detect any threat and alert you and notify you with alarms. The door locks equipped with smart technology track all entries and exits, and the smart door lock system is protected to not let just anyone in. It could be password protected, have a key tap feature, or be equipped with biotechnology like fingerprints or facial recognition. The door locks also have camera facilities for residents to see who is outside beforehand. 

  1. Personalization of Home Automation 

With smart home automation technology, you can personalize commands according to your needs and the requirements of your home. Pert switches and home automation systems can be blended into your home interiors to not only serve as devices but also add aesthetic value to your home. With many options available, you can choose what is best for your home and optimize it how you like it.

  1. Health Benefits Through Smart Automation Solutions

Home automation solutions adapt to the need of the hour. During the pandemic, smart solutions for thermal screening were highly used. Along with that, these solutions promote health with high-tech air purifiers, advanced electrical flyswatters, automatic water purifiers, smart toilets, and more. With such health benefits smart home solutions almost seem irresistible. 

  1. Advancement in Privacy Features 

It does not go unnoticed how smart home automation may be aware of intricate details of ourselves, our routines, our behavior, and our daily lives. Therefore, Pert smart home solutions promise technology with privacy and security. Read the terms and conditions to ensure the reliability of privacy security of your smart home devices. However, with advancements in the field, we ensure our users that their privacy is in their hands, and is secure. 


Q. Are Pert’s smart home automation devices child friendly? 

A. Yes! Pert smart home automation introduces wireless technology to control the electrical devices within your home. A combination of convenience and luxury, smart home solutions build a network of connected objects and regulate your living space. With safety from threats and risks, it is also a safe alternative to a wired connection, perfect for children and elders. Its user-friendly interface makes it easily accessible to all. 

Q. Can I control Pert’s devices with my smartphone?

A. You can use a single interface, like your smartphone, to easily control all of your electrical appliances with smart home automation. You can experience the true intelligence of innovation with lighting, temperature control, and centralized security systems like smart door locks, and appliance controls, all through one user-friendly interface, voice-activated or sensor-based tech solutions. 

Q. What is the cost of smart home automation at Pert?

A. The cost of smart home automation at Pert would depend on the number and type of devices, the level of customization, and integration. Smart home appliances and devices have become more advanced and accessible with budget-friendly costs in the recent past. When considering a budget for smart home automation include the installation fees and monthly cost.  

Q.What are the advantages of smart home automation with Pert?

A.Smart home automation with Pert can benefit from enhanced security and accessibility available. From a variety of options, smart locks, video doorbells, and live surveillance ensure safety. With ease and convenience, you can make the most of personalized lighting, temperature, and entertainment automated systems. An environment-friendly and convenient solution with something for everyone.

Q. How can automated locks from Pert provide security?

A. To ensure safety and security, Pert home automation technology automated locks provide the perfect solution. With constant advancement in line with current technology, smart locks track the locking and unlocking of the doors and could be protected with sensors, passwords, voice, or biometrics.

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