What are Smart Home “Scenes” & how to use them to make your life convenient in 2022? (with examples)

Team Pert

October 6, 2022

At this stage in your research, you must’ve already understood how upgrading to a Smart Home makes your life convenient in limitless ways, such as: 

  • Remotely turn on the AC to cool the room before you arrive from the office
  • Schedule the geyser & enjoy an instant hot shower after a long day at work
  • Be pleasantly greeted by your favorite music playlists the moment you open the door 

But it doesn’t stop there. What if we said that you could do all those 3 things (and more) with one tap? This is where the idea of “Smart Scenes” comes into play. 

You can combine different devices to work together & create a gorgeous ambiance that suits the occasion, or a routine that speeds up your task. 

The beauty lies in the space you have for customizing this scene to fit your exact personal needs, with no restrictions on which electronic appliances you can pair together, such as: 

  • Lights (with dimming) 
  • Fans 
  • AC temperature & blow
  • TV
  • Music/DVD Player or Home Theatre System
  • Kitchen or bathroom appliances
  • … and more! 

See our smart devices & all compatible appliances in our catalog: www.bit.ly/Pert-Catalog. Once you’ve installed Pert, all you have to do is head to the Pert mobile app, locate the Scenes tab, and add individual settings for each appliance under the group.  

In fact, you don’t even have to open the app in the future. Pert integrates with Amazon Alexa Echo & Google Home Assistant, so just say the name of the mode (as you’ve saved it) out loud, and watch your scene get activated just like that. 

Saw how simple it is? Are you excited to get started, too? If you need some ideas to get started on your Scene direction, here are 4 great specific scenes many of our customers have been using to make their lives easier & more meaningful! 

1. Good Morning/Good Night, Alexa

If you’re not an early riser but have a New Year commitment to be one, this is the perfect routine to get you out of bed. Here are 5 settings you can apply to run simultaneously:

  • Schedule your curtains to open at sunrise (say around 7 AM) so that you wake up to fresh natural light
  • Turn off the footlights as soon as the room brightness increases 
  • Play soothing music on Spotify, or automate the TV to turn on the BBC news channel so that you’re well-updated on where the world is heading
  • Schedule your coffee maker to switch on automatically so that you don’t have to wait around to get your morning dose of caffeine 
  • Set the geyser to start heating at 7 AM to save time as well as energy. Step into the shower & enjoy hot water instantly! 

On the other end, you can also say “Alexa, Good night,” and it’ll ask Pert to run the routine for you in a jiffy. 

Switch off the TV, ceiling lights, and any other appliances Simultaneously, turn on the footlights to guide you in the dark. 

Schedule the AC to cool your bedroom for the next 2 hours, and then automatically switch to the fan (at whichever speed you like) after midnight. Now you no longer have to wake up shivering in a freezing room! 

As you can imagine, getting up and going to bed both become fun experiences when you take out the hassle of doing all the chores! Let Pert wind up after you, and help you start the next day with a fresh mind…

2. Home Movie Experience

Convenience isn’t the only reason why you’d want to set scenes. You can also change the entire aura of any room by tweaking the lighting, cooling, and sound effects. It’s no secret that the ambiance affects our mood, productivity, and even the subject or tone of our conversations.

So with Pert, you can have complete control over the environment to ensure that you’re enjoying your fun moments wholeheartedly, and at the same time, getting work done with the correct lighting & temperature settings applied instantly.

If you’re planning a movie night with your spouse, friends, or kids on Friday, you can instantly teleport to a movie theatre. Just say, “Alexa, turn on Movie mode,” and Pert will oblige: 

  • Dim the wall lights to level 2
  • Close the living room curtains so that you can enjoy your privacy
  • Turn on the blue RGB Light Strip on the ceiling for a cool neon effect
  • Switch on the AC to 22 C for the next few hours (and then automatically turn off after you head to the bedroom) 
  • Switch on the surround sound/home theatre system 
  • Turn on a particular show on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, or Hulu

Similarly, if you’re going to have a gaming session in the bedroom, you can set a cool neon ambiance by customizing our RGB Light Strips on your work desk to get you pumped up (bright red or green), and turning on a specific playlist of EDM/gaming music on Spotify.

The same logic can be applied for a quiet “Work” Mode, an intimately lit “Date Night” mode, or a much brighter & louder “Diwali Party” mode. 

3. Automate for Specific Time

You don’t have to always press buttons to start a Scene. It can also be automated to function on its own at scheduled times. 

For example, every evening at sunset, say around 6-7 PM, Pert will prepare your home for a relaxing & enjoyable night: 

  • Close the blinds to give you privacy
  • Increase the brightness of your lights by detecting lower luminosity outside
  • Set the AC temperature to warmer or cooler depending on how you like it after coming back home from work
  • Using geofencing technology, figure out when you’re a few meters away from your main door, and then greet you by playing your favorite artist the moment you step in

You can also automate appliances based on your movement/presence. Let’s say you get up at midnight in the mood to eat a bowl of ice cream, or just to go to the loo.

When you step into the hallway, bathroom, or kitchen, our Microwave Motion sensors installed in those rooms will light up the way with the combination of footlights or warm lights that you’ve chosen for that specific scene. This will save you from fumbling and stumbling i.e. getting injured in the dark. 

4. Going Away for Vacations

You know you don’t always have to be present in your domicile to trigger the scene, right? Let’s say you’re away on vacation for a long period of time. Maybe touring Europe or driving through the Australian Reef coast.

Your house may be eerily quiet, and this can attract the prying eyes of burglars who would want to make the most out of the opportunity.

For security reasons, you can make it look like there is still someone inside the house. All you have to do is mimic human presence. 

Every 7 pm, trigger a scene like the one below: 

  • Curtains open & shut close randomly
  • The TV turns on with loud music
  • Lights turn on for the night & switch off before dawn

This will ward off any assumptions regarding the home being empty, and you can peacefully enjoy your skiing/scuba diving trip.  

Not to forget, installing Pert’s door, window, and PIR room motion sensors has the added advantage of getting mobile alerts in case anyone does trespass your bounds. But not only will you get alerted, you can also set a scene for such a scenario:

  • Trigger bright red RGB Light strip on the ceiling
  • Turn on loud music on Spotify

This will mimic the alarm that banks have in case of robberies and may deter the criminal in your home from going any further. 

The point is that apart from convenience and ambiance, you can also use Scenes to increase the safety of your family & possessions within your four walls.  

Conclusion: Let Smart Scenes do all the Work for You

In this blog, we covered 4 kinds of smart scenes you can create using Pert’s smart home automation system on our mobile app (which, by the way, is compatible with all the latest Android/iOS smartphones) 

  • Good morning/Good Night Alexa
  • Ambiances for home movie nights, gaming sessions, or intense work/focus hours
  • Automate for movement at night
  • Use smartly for security purposes when you’re away

The beauty of smart home technology is that you only have to set up these automations once, and then never even think about it or push yourself to remember them ever again. If you’d like to see a free live demo of all the cool scenes we just discussed in action, reach out on any of the following channels! 

☎️ Sales Hotline: +91 91009 20031

📩 Email: hello@pert.me

️🌐 Website: www.pert.me

Want to view our entire catalog? Download it here: https://bit.ly/Pert-Catalog. The Pert team is excited to be a part of your smart home automation project!

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