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Team Pert

May 30, 2023

Welcome the future with the comfort of your home. With smart home automation, or connected home, all electronic devices and appliances can be controlled by one high-tech system. These are generally smartphone, tablet, computer, or voice-activated devices. It includes the lighting system, thermostat, digital television and media players, music players, security cameras, digital locks, and beyond. Smart home automation delivers solutions for smart security, automated lighting, and user-friendly control. With this, you step into a world of luxury, ease, and efficiency. Combining the aspects of electronic, digital, multimedia, and telecommunication technologies, smart home automation is the future of innovation. With smart home automation, one can enjoy the comfort of home from any room and beyond! Even away from home, you can control the lights, check security, monitor temperature, and more. 

Home automation solutions suit the needs of all kinds of people, the homemaker, the person who stays away from home, family houses, and houses for individuals. With its long list of benefits and eminent utility, home automation can benefit diverse kinds of individuals. Here is how:  

  • Working professionals:

Left the light on while leaving home for work? Smart home automation solutions with Pert have got your back! Smart home automation makes life easier for working professionals by reducing the workload at home. You can be confident your home is secure regardless of how much time you spend outside it. You can view security cameras remotely and your automated lock can track all entries. 

For those who work from home, innovative home automation brings you the perfect blend of ease and comfort. It enables you to use your smartphone to manage and monitor the lighting, security systems, cooling systems, and any other electrical outlets while you are busy working from home. With smart home automation systems, you can simplify your day-to-day errands and focus on work.

  • People with disabilities:

Pert’s single interface to control all digital devices and appliances provides an easy and convenient solution for people with disabilities. One can efficiently conduct daily tasks with a controlling instrument or voice automation. Increasing accessibility can make a significant impact on the lives of the specially-abled. With voice command activation and remote access to devices across the house, it reduces physical labor aiding the needs of the individual. The seamless security systems are also accessible effortlessly. With smart detectors, you can always stay safe from any risk.

  • Smart homes for all ages:

Smart home automation does not limit itself to any age category. Inclusive of all generations, its user-friendly interface can ease even elders to access the technology with the least difficulties. It ensures the safety of the house and the family members. Making lives easier, the elderly can feel more secure and at ease. The physical labor certainly reduces with the convenience and independence it offers. Wireless configuration is personalized to your requirements and desires, making it more effortless. Smart home automation devices like motion sensor lighting, voice-activated controls, emergency assistance services, and more deliver comfort and relaxation for the elderly, inclusive of all ages.

  • Frequent travelers:

With the ease and efficiency smart homes provide to people who spend much time at home, it equally caters to the needs of frequent travelers. With its optimized security system, you can be assured of safety at home by navigating real-time alerts via the detectors and security cameras. Pert’s enhanced security facilities offer smart door locks, smart video doorbells, and smart cameras. The energy-efficient housing interface allows you to control and monitor the lighting, thermostat, and other electrical automation as required. It would suggest the best energy-efficient solutions for your smart home. You could also schedule the activation of devices according to the time of the day and weather conditions. Smart home automation allows frequent travelers flexibility and convenience as you can program your house as required.

  • For all kinds of lifestyles and households 

Families with kids can benefit from enhanced security and accessibility available through smart home automation. Smart locks enable parents to decide who can access their homes, monitor security cameras, and get alerts when family members enter or leave. A comfortable setting and kid-friendly also makes the most of lighting, temperature, and entertainment automated systems. For individuals living alone, smart home automation adds safety and peace of mind. Smart locks, video doorbells, and live surveillance cameras enable remote monitoring and control, improving house security and personal safety.

Smart Home Automation with Pert is a one-stop solution to control everything at your fingertips. Whether it is the light in the other rooms, the curtains in the morning, or your favorite music, you can experience the intelligence of innovation. This smart home technology is customized to your taste and preferences. A perfect solution for environmentalists and a perfect match for tech enthusiasts, smart home automation has something for everyone. Experience the adventure of technology and ease each day with smart home automation. 


Q. What products and services does Pert smart home automation have?

A. Pert smart home automation offers solutions for lighting control, enhanced security systems, and optimization of temperature control. We provide simple, easy, and cost-effective solutions for your home automation. 

Q. Do I need any special tools for automation installation from Pert?

A. The devices for smart home automation at Pert are made simple to install and don’t require any specific equipment. Our experts will easily install smart home devices without causing any damage or structural changes to your home. Our products are designed to be added to already installed switch panels.

Q. How is Smart Home Automation made different at Pert?

A. At Pert, smart home automation offers comfort, convenience, and luxury with wireless connectivity functioning on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, easy control via voice assistants and smartphone apps, sensor-based technology, user-friendly interface, technological intelligence, and device compatibility. 

Q. How is the installation of Pert smart home automation appliances and devices done?

A. Smart home automation devices at Pert include lighting control, temperature control, centralized security systems like smart door locks, appliance controls, and automated routine of smart devices. Pert devices are non-wired to increase connectivity and reduce electrical work, and operate on Wi-Fi, connected through one user-friendly interface. 

Q. Can I use Pert’s home automation solutions even if I am not technologically inclined?

A. Yes! Pert designs are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Using a single interface, you can control all of your electrical appliances and experience the true intelligence of innovation. Our 24/7 available customer service can assist you in case of any requirements.

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