IoT solutions and home automation, what’s in store this year?

9th August, 2016

One of the most promising trends in the field of technology over the past couple of years has definitely been the Internet of Things, or IoT as it is popularly known. IoT is “a network of Internet enabled objects, together with web services that interact with these objects.” So how does IoT impact us and what does it mean for the growth of the home automation industry?

As seen at the CES this year, products of the Internet of Things have rapidly taken over as the dominant category, at an impressive 900 companies out of 3,800 displaying IoT products. Moving from smartphones and tablets to connected homes, a shift of focus has been observed towards the growth of IoT. Major consumer product companies that promise to provide simple and convenient solutions to their audience have announced the launch of various new products for home security, voice-controlled connected devices and upgrades in existing solutions that will help integrate them with newer technology. A few standout products like wireless indoor sensors that helps users keep tabs on indoor air quality, temperature and humidity in their homes, a smart home do-it-yourself gateway kit that allows users to connect up to 50 wireless accessories to their smart home platform and integrated voice-enabled devices painted a bright future for home automation in the coming year.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking into major trends that we have observed as a company that specializes in solutions that connect the common user with the world of IoT. Stay tuned with the Pert blog to find out more.

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