8 Cool Ideas to use Smart RGB Light Strips in your Home in 2022 (with Images)

4th December, 2021

It’s no secret that the lighting in our personal spaces affects our mood. Recent studies have linked ambiance choices to our appetite, heart rate, sleep pattern, skin tone, hormone levels, and overall health. 

Plus, with many of us working from home after the COVID-19 pandemic, the choice of brightness levels and colors may also impact our professional lives, either dampening or enhancing our productivity.   

Thanks to smart technology and a bit of research on color psychology, you can now have full and instant control over this whole setting. 

Enter RGB Light Strips. They’re no longer just a fancy party item for kids or gamers. People of all generations are embracing them as a cost-effective way to add a touch of magic to their false ceilings. 

But what if I said … that’s not the only possible location where the strips can be installed? I have 8 more cool spots to get your decorations going! These ideas are all possible because Pert’s Smart RGB Lights are: 

  • Ultra-flexible, so they can bend into any shape & form you like
  • Not restricted to power outlets as they come with a long infinity extension cord
  • Usable on any surface: glass, wood, walls, electronics, marble, floor, etc.  
  • Customizable with 16 million colours and animation patterns (fade, flicker) 

So now that we know we don’t have any limitations, let’s crack some look at some interesting installation possibilities right away! 

1. Behind your TV/Laptop or Work Desk

This one’s a no-brainer! Adding a rectangular strip behind your flat screen can really give a special effect that’ll blow away your guests. 

If your teenage kids regularly record video content for YouTube and Instagram Reels, or stream games online, this can be the perfect gift to spice up their background!

In the industry, we refer to it as “bias” lighting, and it actually reduces the strain on the viewer’s eyes, which comes in handy especially if they have a habit of keeping their room dark otherwise. 

We already know that it helps with the overall mood, too, and can set a nice cozy tone for creative/artistic work. 

In case you just want to have fun, horror/thriller movie nights can also be made interesting with spooky neon shades of red & green. If you have a home theatre/surround sound system, this is a must-have element. 

Don’t have space behind your devices? Just place the lights horizontally on your work desk to give an equally cool effect. In the first image above, one of our customers has used both options with purple for the PC screen, and blue along their desk’s line. Drool-worthy, isn’t it? 

2. Under Kitchen Cabinets

Many of us have picked up cooking as a hobby during the lockdown, so this space deserves a creative revamp along with our bedrooms. 

You can place a strip below the utility cupboards to brighten the marble platform and paste an additional strip along the cabinet footing to act as a guideway at night. 

One of the advantages that Pert’s lights have over the traditional ones sold in the market, is that you can actually schedule them to switch on/off at set times with your phone. So you can automate the kitchen footlights from, say, 11 pm to 5 am.  

For the upper strip, we recommend keeping a cool yellow color, while the lower one can have bright blue or green shades. 

3. For the Staircase

If you have a multi-storeyed villa, the staircase is the perfect place to begin. Firstly, accent lighting can help elderly folks find their way around without the fear of fumbling in the dark. 

In fact, you can also automate the strips to respond to the movement (when paired with our motion detectors), so the next time you’re walking down to the kitchen for water (or ice cream) at night, you won’t fumble & tumble anymore! 

Your kids will also thank you for making bathroom visits a little less scary. 

Secondly, from an aesthetic point of view, accent-lit stairs tend to look broader and wider. If you have just a few narrow stairs, this will add to their depth. So it’ll almost feel like fashionably ascending to the heavens! 

We recommend sticking with mild mango yellow for the best effect. 

4. In your Wardrobe/Closet

Who said RGB strips are only for public display? If you’re in the mood to do something special for your private wardrobe/closet, this is one bright idea to consider. 

Place it up top to run parallel to your hangar line to give a unique accent lighting effect for your party/formal clothes, or paste it at the bottom of each shelf to illuminate the whole space.

As with the staircase lights, you can automate these strips for movement detection, so that every time you open the wardrobe, it’ll light up instantly. 

For this setting, too, we suggest going with mild yellow or blue options. 

5. Along the Gallery/Balcony Glass

Who said outdoor lighting is only for Diwali or Xmas time? Running a strip along the glass compartments of your gallery can turn the small space into a beautiful yet cozy paradise for sipping your coffee, reading books, or just watching over the city skyline after work hours. 

If you’re into gardening, this can highlight your pretty plants, too! Since the strip has a long cord, you don’t have to worry about the connection; just pull in the extension & plug it anywhere in your living room. 

You don’t have to stick to one color here. Pert’s smart RGB lights have two different animations: fade & flicker, so you can play with the animation style, or just choose the randomized color pattern option, and let us do the thinking!

6. Around the Vanity/Bathroom Mirror

Want to feel like a celebrity every time you sit down for make-up or grooming? Border your bedroom/bathroom’s vanity mirror with an RGB strip & set the default color to indigo or bright white. 

If you don’t want to utilize the entire space, just paste a small strip to run along the makeup drawer/marble platform lining below the mirror. That should give you more or less the same cool effect. 

In the image above, one of our clients actually pasted it on the mirror itself, to give a nice border effect – yes, that’s possible, because our RGB lights can be pasted on any surface, be it glass, wood, or marble!

7. Under the bed

If you’re a light sleeper or often get up in the middle of the night, having a strip of amber hues beneath your bed can help you find your way without tripping up. It’s much cooler than a bedside lamp for sure! 

Set some amber hues to automatically turn on & off with your bedside routine (eg. from 10 pm – 5 pm). It’ll not only give you a sense of comfort but also help with jazzing up the entire room’s aesthetic.

From personal experience, this little detail will make the space appear 5x more organized than it is. 

8. Under Bookshelves

This is a cool idea if you have a knack for putting together a collection of books, action figures, photo frames, or travel memoirs.

The light strips will accentuate each piece and give the whole shelf an Instagram-worthy effect. 

You can get more creative by changing the color/temperature for each shelf to represent a particular genre of books: red for horror, purple for romance, and yellow for business/non-fiction, what say? 

Conclusion: Go Smart with Pert

To sum it all up, we looked at 8 cool spot ideas for installing your RGB lights: 

  • Behind your TV screen/desktop 
  • Under kitchen cabinets
  • For the staircase
  • In your closet/wardrobe 
  • Along the balcony/gallery glass 
  • Around the vanity mirror
  • Under the bed 
  • Under bookshelves 

Given the ideas above, you might be tempted to rush to Amazon or your local market and buy the strips from a generic brand. Before you check out your cart, consider making the smarter choice with Pert! 

Our smart RGB light strips come with these added advantages: 

  • Remote control via mobile phone & scheduling (pick set times or routines) 
  • Work with Amazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant for voice commands 
  • Energy-efficient with real-time consumption data tracking
  • Pair with Room Sensor to automatically react to room brightness (luminosity)
  • Set a unique shade to suit the occasion (eg. Diwali party, intimate dinner night) 

With this sort of thing, seeing is believing. So if you’d like to book a free live demo of all our smart products, hit us up in the comments below, or reach out on the following channels anytime: 

  • ☎️ Sales Hotline: +91 91009 20031
  • 📩 Email: hello@pert.me
  • 🌐 Website: www.pert.me

Want to view our entire catalog? Download it here: https://bit.ly/Pert-Catalog 

Lastly, here’s a challenge you can take home now! Show off your cool ambiances or routines using our products on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @getpert to get featured on our feed. 

The Pert team is excited to see & be a part of your home automation projects. Good luck! 


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