5 Smart Home Automation Myths in India, Busted Right Through the Wall

4th March, 2022

The concept of smart homes is no longer just restricted to the West or other developed countries like Japan & Australia. 

India is more than warming up to automation technology, and you’ll notice that most new construction/property sites have smart features already built into their buildings & flats. We’d know because we work on quite a few of those projects haha! 

With the curiosity for new tech, however, there comes a lot of anxiety, too, and this has led to the rise of common myths regarding smart homes that may be pulling back homeowners from opening their doors to this avenue. 

That’s why in this blog post, we’ll clear some of those misconceptions, and allay your concerns so that you can confidently take the first step towards building a home of the future! 

MYTH 1. Only New Properties can have Smart Tech

FACT: Pert’s Smart Home Products easily fit into old & new homes

Many people wrongly assume that smart home automation is something one can only do if they’re shifting into a new house where the wiring is not yet complete. Once the systems are in place, they think it wouldn’t be possible to upgrade their appliances to enjoy the convenience of automating them. 

But the good news is that Pert can be “retrofitted” easily into your existing system without any extra wires, remodeling, or wall damage. This hassle-free installation is why we’re the most sought-after brand in the market. 

For example, take our Nucleus retrofit switch (Node 3+1), which helps you remotely control & schedule your lights as well as a fan (with dimmer). This small box module is so sleek that it fits right behind your normal switchboard, so you won’t even notice it’s there. 

Our Cuboid Mini (IR Blaster Remote) is as small as a cookie, so it can be kept anywhere in your hall, enabling you to control all IR-based (infrared) devices from your mobile phone. This includes AC, TV, DVD Player, Music System, fan, and 80,000+ other possible options. 

Last but not least, Pert is completely portable, so if you’re shifting places, or changing up certain things in your property during renovation, you can uninstall our products, and re-install them in any location, just like that. 

Case in point, you don’t have to worry about whether your apartment or villa is old or new – Pert works just great in any setting! Our technicians are expertly trained in getting the job done within a few days, so it’s totally worth the investment. 

MYTH 2. All Smart Products need Internet Connection

FACT: Pert works locally on your Wi-Fi router

First-gen smart products usually operate on Zigbee, Z-Wave, central control hubs, or internet-dependent technology. This is usually not a problem in Western countries where connectivity is not an issue.

But when we were launching Pert, we discovered that homes in India often face a problem when it comes to having a stable reliable internet connection at all times. So we designed our products to work locally on your Wi-Fi router. 

The products connect to the modem & form a local ecosystem, communicating with each other (or your Alexa/Google smart speaker) to get the job done when you use our new mobile app or give any voice command. 

MYTH 3. Smart Homes are Expensive

FACT: Pert has affordable & flexible packages for everybody 

A Smart Home does sound like the kind of thing only the uber-rich class would be able to afford. But that’s not true at all. Pert has flexible packages that let you choose the number of switches or appliances you want to smartify i.e. automate, schedule, and/or remotely control.

If you’d like to dip your toes in the pool first, the easiest & smallest smart appliance you can buy is a “Smart Plug,” which enables you to smartify a single appliance like a charging cord (for Laptops/mobile), AC, geyser, microwave, chandelier, etc. 

Single smart bulbs are also available on Amazon at less than a thousand bucks, which says a lot about how common this tech is becoming in our country (and you shouldn’t miss the train!) Talk to us about your requirements & we’ll customize the package as per your budget. 

If you’re having doubts, just ask the 10,000+ happy families we’ve successfully serviced in the past 8 years!  

MYTH 4. Smart Homes are not Secure

FACT: Smart Homes increase your home’s protection

With all the fuss about hacking going on, it’s no surprise that many people think smart homes are vulnerable to cyber threats. After all, since smart home automation is based on IoT (internet of things), it’s possible that someone may gain access to your home, just like taking control of your inbox.

The concern does have merit in a way, and smart home tech faces these challenges like any other piece of technology. But as long as you keep your local Wi-Fi network secure, you won’t have to worry about such issues at all. Here are some quick tips to help you do that: 

  • Regularly change your password & SSID (name) by logging into your router
  • Keep a generic name (e.g. Batcave 2.4GHz) rather than your family/flat no.
  • Change the password in case you shared it with your guests/visitors 
  • Reset the router every 15-20 days to clear any cache
  • Use “Wireless Network Watcher” to check which devices are logged in

Moreover, Pert’s mobile app & software tech is completely secure as we use industry-grade encryption, so your private data is in safe hands.

If anything, smart homes are actually more secure for the following reasons: 

  • Get live alerts with Motion Sensors: Our range of door, window, and PIR motion sensors detect unusual presence & intimate you on your mobile phone immediately. Get alerted if any door/window was opened, or if any off-limits room (e.g. master bedroom) had someone sneaking in.
  • Mimic Human Presence: When you’re away, you can set your curtains to open & close in the evening, or your TV to play random music, so it gives the impression of someone being home & wards off intruders who have eyes on the house.
  • Remotely control appliances: If you’re worried you left the geyser on in your rush to the airport, you can just log onto the new Pert mobile app, go to your “Bathroom” group of appliances, and check the geyser’s status. With one tap, you can shut it off. Pert even intimates you if a device is malfunctioning, or has been on for an unusual period of time. So you can always check back into your house even when you’re vacationing on the other side of the world. 
  • Get intimated in case of a gas leak: With our in-built gas sensor in the Cuboid Master remote, you can even get alerts of any gas leaks in the house, and take corrective actions immediately.

MYTH 5. Smart Homes are hard to Operate

FACT: With voice automation, getting chores done is easy! 

The most common complaint that accompanies any new technology is that it’s going to be hard to operate. Maybe you’re concerned that you won’t be able to push the right buttons. Or you’ll have to always rely on your young kids to figure out solutions.

But Pert products were designed to be super-convenient & easy at their core for all age groups. Not only is the new Pert app simple to operate, it also has an integration feature for Alexa or Google Assistant, through which you can give voice commands to Pert.

Some examples of this are: 

  • Alexa, switch on HBO Channel in living room TV & set the volume to 25
  • Google, activate Good Night Mode (turn lights off, turn on AC, close curtains)
  • Alexa, schedule my water heater to switch on at 7 AM tomorrow morning

The voice command feature means that your aged parents & toddlers (if they’ve learned to speak) can also make good use of Pert, even when you’re away. And if they do face any trouble, remember that Pert brings your entire home at your fingertips, so you can remotely operate the appliances on their behalf, whether it’s turning off the AC or dealing with the bedroom light they forgot to turn off.

Conclusion: Smart Homes are Your Future

In this blog post, we covered some common misconceptions that Indian residents have about smart home automation technology. To sum up the key learnings: 

  • Any home, old (existing) or new, can be retrofitted with smart home tech
  • Smart home products are becoming more & more affordable for all
  • Smart products from brands like Pert don’t require live internet to work
  • Taking basic steps will ensure that your smart home is more secure than ever
  • Smart home apps & voice features are easy to operate for all age groups

Did you already know the facts, or was this an eye-opener for you? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re excited to start your journey and would like to explore the best smart products in town, download our catalog right now: https://bit.ly/Pert-Catalog

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