Smart home security systems like Pert make your home more interactive and protected, keeping you aware of the relevant information so you don’t have to worry. Pert’s wide range of smart products like plugs, sensors and switches allow you to automate your home/office, effortlessly and efficiently. From fire alarms to gas leaks and intrusions, a smart home powered by Pert keeps you aware all the time, no matter where you are, through real-time notifications and alerts.

Use Case Scenarios

Travel worry free

When you’re away from home travelling, it helps to add an extra layer of security to your home to keep intruders away by leaving lights on. While this method certainly ensures home security to a certain extent, it also contributes to wastage of energy over a period of time. To help reduce this and increase security, the Pert app can be used to schedule lights to be turned on at varied intervals during night time, throughout your time away. All you have to do is set the schedule once from the Pert app, and travel worry free.

A must-have product if you want to automate your house without the hassle of extra wires and tangles.Chandrashekhar

Interactive security sensors

Safety comes first when it comes to smart home technology, and Pert devices prioritize just that. Devices like the Pert Smart Sensor can be utilized in various ways to keep your home safe. For example, whenever activity is detected near a door or window, the nearest sensor detects this and notifies you about the same. This feature, along with image sensors, is especially handy when it comes to preventing accidents and intrusions at home. Pert products are engineered for reliability so your home stays protected and you are connected to what’s happening at home with real-time alerts and remote control through our mobile app.



Pert works for you 24/7, giving you smart, responsive automation and seamless control.