Pert home automation systems are helpful in delivering the roles of connectivity and efficiency at your fingertips. At Pert, we strive to bring to you affordable and intelligent solutions for your home automation needs. A smart home powered by Pert adapts to your requirements whether you are single and living in an apartment or live in a big house with your family. Pert is here to make your life smarter and simpler, one device at a time.

Use Case Scenarios

Entertain worry free

Entertaining guests can be stressful for you. Pert recognizes your need to make your guests feel welcome without having to worry about keeping the entertainment systems running or maintaining the perfect temperature. With devices like the Pert sensor, you can turn your smartphone into a universal remote, letting you control your entertainment systems, appliances and devices all at once. You can now keep all your guests happy without the hassles of running around.

After using the product for the last few days, I can positively say that it is worth the money.Vinod Chadda

Save energy the smart way

After security, the feature most sought after in smart home technology is energy saving. Pert smart home automation technology ensures that while your home is equipped with smart devices, there is no compromise with the performance and efficiency. Pert devices in turn make sure that the efficiency of your home is enhanced through intelligent monitoring of daily usage, and alerting you about the same. Scheduling features on the Pert app also help you to plan ahead of time, allowing you to save energy and money at the same time.

Make your home an environment that learns and adapts to meet your needs. Everything works together with customizable devices.