A smart home has the ability to fully adapt to its environment, letting you to be in full command of its functioning, wherever you are. It is easy to be in control when you have Pert’s home automation systems. Our intelligent and user friendly app will help you seamlessly integrate your home automation system with your smartphone, giving you complete control of your home, from the comfort of your palm. With features like time scheduled events, the Pert app can help you carry out routine tasks,which otherwise would be time consuming.

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Efficiently carry out daily activities using Pert

The Pert app assists to make your day more efficient and worry-free. It can help you carry out routine tasks systematically by allowing you to set rules and schedules for your appliances, which would otherwise be time consuming. For example, before going to bed, you can schedule your water heater or coffee machine to turn on at a specific time in the morning and not have to worry about rushing to work.



A must-have product if you want to automate your house without the hassle of extra wires and tangles.Chandrashekhar

Head out to work worry free

Worried you might have left the coffee machine or the lights on when you left home? Pert has got you covered. Schedule all your appliances and switches to turn off when you usually leave the house or simply do it manually from the Pert app on your smartphone. This feature will help you save time,money and energy all at once.

Come be the first to experience the new revolution of technology by controlling your home with your fingertips.