Ways a smart home makes your life easier

22nd January, 2016

Technology is driving the change in what functions a modern home can perform, and home automation systems are delivering the roles of connectivity and efficiency to your fingertips. At Pert, we strive to bring to you affordable and intelligent solutions for your home automation needs. A smart home adapts to your requirements whether you are single and living in an apartment or live in a big house with your family. There are numerous ways in which a smart home makes your life easier, here are just a few:

  • A smart home enhances safety and security

Security is one of the core features every home owner looks for, which can be enhanced with the help of home automation systems. For example, Pert’s smart camera(launching soon), works wirelessly by streaming live video, helping you keep an eye on your home while you are away, and also sends alerts to your smart device when there is unusual activity. Smart cameras are especially beneficial to working parents who want to supervise the activities of their children when they are away.

  • A smart home helps you save money

A fully integrated home automation system uses information from all connected devices and switches in your home, and sends you alerts when excess energy is being used or an appliance is not performing efficiently. Using this vital information, you can monitor the energy usage of your home, and make necessary enhancements, thus saving you energy and money in the long run.

  • A smart home helps you saves time

With devices like smart plugs, sensors and switches, a smart home gives you numerous ways to save time, when you are rushing out to work every morning, or simply want to carry out everyday activities efficiently. From your smart device, you can schedule switches or appliances to turn on or off, and program them to do so every day at a specific time. Smart devices help keep the environment of your home comfortable, while maintaining efficiency at the same time.

  • A smart home lets you be in control

A smart home has the ability to fully adapt to its environment, letting you to be in full control of its functioning, wherever you are. Whether you want to turn your home into an entertainment hub or just be a place to rejuvenate, a smart home gives you full access for the same.

Interested in making your home a smart home? Simply contact Pert and let us handle the rest.

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