Trend spotting #4: Awareness of Home Automation grows

16th September, 2016

The fact that the Internet of Things has radically changed the face of technology in terms of innovation and quality is undeniable. Technology has become a critical factor in the way we function, bringing forth some of the most efficient solutions in many aspects of life today. From smartphones to new age innovations such as wearable devices and smart home solutions, modernization in technology is influencing our lives like it has never before. It is helping to seamlessly connect devices and solutions with the user.

Home automation is an innovation, which has evolved from basic lighting control systems to integrated access to all technology in the house via a smart home; namely remotes, indoor positioning systems, security systems, cameras, music systems, etc.

Despite the growth of home automation over the years, there was a general lack of awareness of smart, connected products. But the good news is that times have changed, and consumers are more informed of the available smart solutions than ever before.

The main catalyst in increased awareness is the competitive pricing due to the diversity of hardware being offered coupled with the fact that smartphones now dominate the market due to decreased production costs. Now with the smartphone being accessible to everyone, people are being introduced to the IoT with the influence of the ease of carrying out daily chores such as bill payment, banking & purchases online. This causes the user to look for the option to do more things with the devices such as automate appliances and secure their homes remotely. Increased consumer awareness has thus driven the growth of the home automation market in India, expected to reach a monumental INR 8800 crores by the year 2017.

Affordable, convenient and efficient products made by innovative enterprises , such as Pert, have proven to be key contributors in the growth of this industry. Smart home solutions are slowly transforming from a luxury to an affordable opportunity, thanks to innovators like these. In India, the home automation market is believed to expand considerably over the next few years and will witness development both in number of players and technologies offered.

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