Trend spotting #3: Importance of User Interface in Home Automation

30th August, 2016

Various people have different understandings of the term – Smart home. But a Smart home mainly indicates the adoption of a smartphone into our daily lifestyle. And to control this smart home we have home automation devices available in the Indian market today. A lot has been discussed about the devices but one hasn’t questioned the importance of the User Interface or the experience of the applications that control these devices. Let’s understand how this comes into play in the bigger picture of Internet of Things.

In the world of IoT and Home Automation, user interface is a very crucial aspect since it propels the efficiency of the physical devices via interactions with the user. Thus enabling them to easily monitor the status of every product that has been connected to their home automation system and also control these products on the go. Mobile apps have been traditionally proven as major drivers in the growth of IoT and home automation.

When we discuss an ideal user interface, efficiency & comfort are important aspects to be considered. The user needs to adapt this feature into his daily lifestyle. If the application is not comfortable to the point where the user doesn’t want to use it, the purpose of a smart home is defeated no matter how good the physical performance of the hardware is.

This brings us to what UI would classify into an efficient and simple one. For example, Pert, a leader in home automation devices in India, has been designed with a minimalistic design principle in mind with the “less is more” concept. The core vision has always been that the user should achieve his/her goal with the least amount of interactions as possible. Importantly, seamless navigation into different sections of the mobile app allows the user to access any feature from anywhere in the app.


In order to therefore study the trend of providing efficiency, we conclude that designs must not only be intuitive & adapt to the needs of the user but also reflect a simple yet elegant design theme. This will make the process of controlling your home via your phone a welcoming activity rather than a boring chore that needs to be finished.

Upgrade to the new age connected home. Be in control, how you want and when you want.