Trend spotting #1: Low cost solutions arrive in India

16th August, 2016

The Indian automation and IoT market has seen considerable changes in dynamics over the years. Initially smart homes were marketed primarily as homes with advanced security features, and now the market is evolving into newer areas like lighting systems, gas leakage detectors, fire detection systems, entertainment systems and energy efficiency systems. Apart from delivering convenience and comfort to the consumer, the modern smart home is now energy efficient, hence providing significant energy savings with added benefits of security & other warning mechanisms.

According to market observers, it is estimated that the smart home solutions market in India is growing in India at a rate of 30{941e78304347d125763be1edc3be533f8c4d2c469489871092c107f744fbd8e6} per year, and is likely to increase exponentially in the coming years. Catering to this expanding demand from the Indian consumer, lower-cost smart solutions have been innovated by many companies which has caused a significant rise in the adoption of the IoT. Products ranging from smart hubs with patented technology which promise less data consumption, switchboard modules, smart locks, IP cameras, etc., have taken over the Indian home automation market, spoiling the consumers with a diversified variety.

For example, Pert has centered its product development to adapt to the existing electrical circuits without the need to integrate it completely into the wiring, cutting costs by thousands if not lakhs.

While awareness and acceptance of tech-driven homes have increased due to contributing factors, customers are still primarily and mostly aware only of security features and lighting control. The key is to exhibit, through effective quality solutions, that connectivity can make life easier and safer, without having to invest a lot. This is where we expect to see major development this year.

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