Top 6 Blogs to catch up on Smart Home Automation Industry Trends in 2022

4th December, 2021

In the last few years, India has been speedily catching up on smart home technology along with other Asian & European countries.

As the automation startup that manufactures for all major brands like Wipro, Syska, and Polycab, and also services direct end users like you, we at Pert have had the pleasure to be at the center of this revolution.

Safe to say, we can only see this market exploding in the coming decade. Of course, staying on top means you have to constantly be aware of all the latest innovations. So daily research is part of our process. 

To give you a sneak peak into how we keep up, I’ve assembled a list of the 6 best industry blogs or websites on smart home technology and anything related to home automation. 

This rundown will come in handy if you’re a: 

  • New homeowner who wants to learn how smart devices can actually help them
  • Someone who loves to explore new gadgets & do a DIY home upgrade project 
  • Young techie eager to make a career in this field (or join us

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

1. Pert

For obvious reasons, we had to tout our own horn first! We’ve been in the game for nearly a decade now, so that’s how you know we’re passionate about what we do. 

Our website contains informative articles about how IoT tech can make your life more convenient, comfortable, safer, and energy-efficient. 

Speaking of energy efficiency, we’ve also started posting weekly tips on saving electricity with common household appliances, so do follow our Instagram @getpert to grab those free insights & bring down your bill! 

Coming back to the site, you’ll also discover short & easy reads on voice assistants and security sensors, as well as demo videos & technical specs for installing our products. 

We’re always open to more cool content ideas, so just comment which topics you’d like us to tackle next, and we’ll happily oblige… 

2. The Ambient

Almost all of Pert’s smart products have voice activation command features that can be accessed with your Amazon Alexa Echo or Google Assistant. 

If you’re new to those devices (or have unexpectedly received them as gifts), this is your go-to website for figuring them out.

The Ambient has special sections for either of the two devices, featuring updated in-depth articles on cool or hidden features that you can unlock easily. 

It also has useful how-to guides on fixing common issues, along with insightful articles that answer frequently asked questions by consumers, such as “Is Alexa always listening?” or “How can I connect my Spotify to Alexa, say, for party music?” 


CNET is a staple for anyone interested in next-gen tech. Their Smart Home section zooms in on voice assistants, sensors, hubs, and other new devices that are based on IoT. 

Many of the reviews or deal announcements are for US customers, granted, but they have universally useful blogs that touch on general topics such as how to prepare your home for the holidays, how to save up on energy, and what to do to beef up your security. 

All said and done, we love how clean & simple their design is, and the content doesn’t disappoint either. So full marks from the Editor here at Pert! 

4. Smart Home Subreddit

This isn’t an official blog per se, but more of a community forum on Reddit. If you’re deep into this field, you’ve got to be lurking here every day, because this is where all the automation & electronics enthusiasts hang out. 

You’ll find cool video tutorials on people who are experimenting with ordinary gadgets, trying to make them smart. There are even weekly discussions on the new & latest entries in the market. 

Be warned, this space is only for the initiated & committed; not much to see for beginners here!  

5. Smart Home World

Most relevant for Indians, this is a regional leading expert blog that provides extensive coverage on all the latest happenings in the APAC region (and beyond). 

They publish a monthly magazine to collate the best of their blogs, along with additional interviews & features with leaders of growing brands in the ecosystem. 

Going further, they also have a yearly expo, which is happening in Mumbai on April 20, 2022, so check out that event to bolster your networks.

6. Pintererest’s Curations

Like Reddit, this isn’t a blog but a curator of the best visual ideas for smart homes (and literally anything else you’re looking for). 

Just type in “Smart Homes” to find the latest infographics, blogs, and videos that’ll inspire you to kickstart your home automation project.  

It’s a useful beginning point for rookies who are interested in basic knowledge about what’s available on the market, and whether it can be relevant or useful in their case.

Conclusion: Keep dreaming, the smart way!

Smart homes open up so many real-life possibilities, that it can feel daunting to some at first. When you read through the blogs I’ve suggested above, it’ll certainly get you bubbling with infinite ideas on how you can make your home life infinitely more comfortable, convenient, safer, and energy-efficient.  

But our team of experts at Pert is here to guide you through each one so that you can pick the devices that are most useful for you in practice. 

Let’s talk more over a coffee & a free live demo for your entire family! Reach out on the following channels anytime: 

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