Smart home hacks with Pert

7th March, 2016

Smart home automation has evolved over the years to provide intelligent technological solutions for serving all our needs, be it the automating of appliances & lighting, which can be controlled from smartphones or providing smart home security to ensure the safety of our homes, there are numerous advantages to it. One such major advantage that is often looked over is home safety, and Pert is the perfect solution to this. Here are the few of the many ways in which you can use Pert home automation for the safety of your home:

  • Dangerous household appliances

We have all been subject to forgetting to turn off appliances while in a hurry, whether it’s the water heater, iron, coffee machine or lights & fans. When you have children or pets around, this can be especially dangerous. With the help of Pert smart devices and the app on your smartphone, the act of leaving potentially hazardous appliances plugged in will become a distant reality. You can now program your devices to be turned off automatically at a certain time every day, with the scheduling feature on the Pert app, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and your home.

  • Home Security

When you’re away from home travelling, it helps to add an extra layer of security to your home to keep intruders away by leaving lights on. While this method certainly enables home security, it also contributes to wastage of energy over a period of time. To help reduce this and increase security, the Pert app can be used to schedule lights to be turned on at varied intervals during night time, throughout your time away. All you have to do is set the schedule once from the Pert app, and travel worry free.

  • Scheduling appliances

In addition to scheduling lights & fans, the Pert app allows you to schedule other appliances such as heaters or air conditioners, provided they are paired with the app. In the summer months, instead of leaving the air conditioners turned on throughout the day, you can schedule it to turn on a while before you enter your home, so that you can return to a cool environment. This not only ensures that energy & money is saved, but also help reduce hazards of overheating caused by leaving appliances plugged in for long periods of time.

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