Simple rituals to start your day better with Pert

17th January, 2016

Mornings are always a struggle for everyone, especially when one has to rush to work and carry out everyday activities on time and efficiently. Pert can help you start your day in a smarter, smoother way. A smart home enabled with Pert home automation systems will certainly make your everyday life better. Here are a few tips to help you kick start your mornings on a high note:

  • Wake up to soft lighting

Nobody wants to wake up to harsh lighting in the mornings. With the help of Pert home automation, you can schedule your lights to switch on to a low intensity to enable you to wake up to a calm ambiance.

  • Schedule your coffee machine

There’s nothing better to wake up to than the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Schedule your pre-loaded coffee machine to switch on five minutes before you wake up via the Pert app.

  • Walk into a hot shower

A hot shower is just what you need in those cold winter months to give that extra boost of energy in the mornings. Program the water heater to switch on at a scheduled time, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for it to heat up.

  • Head out to work worry free

Worried you might have left the coffee machine or the lights on when you left home? Pert has got you covered. Schedule all your appliances and switches to turn off when you usually leave the house or simply do it manually from the Pert app on your smart device. This feature will help you save time, money and energy all at once.

Get yourself some Pert smart devices today and experience a smart home like never before.

Upgrade to the new age connected home. Be in control, how you want and when you want.