Safer Homes with IoT

18th July, 2017


In recent times, there have been a lot of talk about the safety of a house being compromised by unwanted criminals. Even if you live in a neighbourhood that is good with almost negligible crime rate. There may have been unwanted visitors, and sometimes you’re not aware of them.

Especially “new” dads or moms don’t know how to balance things considering that they spent too much time juggling between a home & a job. You already have too much stress on you between things that this becomes a nightmare.

As a father or a mother, there is a lot of responsibility when it comes to the security & well being of your family. As of today, most parents are working & cannot afford to always be at home to keep an eye on things. And at work you cannot stop thinking about what’s happening at home.

Or you are at your long awaited vacation or away on a business meet out of country? And you’re worried about how things are going at home?
How is this problem solved?

Obviously the answer would be home automation, & before you think this is a sellout advertisement, you could at the very least consider the features that provide exceptional safety for a regular home other than the basic lights & fans controls.

Now you’ll be expecting a blabber about installing a camera, and we’re hear to tell you that cameras offer only limited security but coupled with door & motion sensors, and a smart push notification system, you’ll always be aware of who is where in your home, therefore shaking off the creepy feeling that someone might be in your house.


This system also helps you in a specific scenario, let’s say you’re away from your home on a vacation with kids, and your maid enters your room without permission, you’ll be automatically notified with the door & motion sensor immediately, & then you can take action accordingly.

The smart notification system also notifies you when your devices have been switched on & off, offering awareness to you about what’s happening in your house, maybe your kids are getting up late at night & are upto some mischief, point being that you’ll be a step ahead of them.


And there is also the added benefit of a fire & smoke sensor, which is almost mandatory in this age. Now the best part about all these features is that it is directly monitored through your phone so no matter where you are, you’ll always be in complete touch with your home.

And speaking of IoT, friendly & smart pert already does all of this. Pert’s team has spent an exceptional amount of time in R&D to provide the optimum use of the motion & door sensors, and our developers have whipped up a no-delay notification trigger that instantly notifies the user about every little thing. To top it all, compared to all other products out there, Pert has built this for the Indian market, keeping it well within the budget of a regular Indian home, and also designed for such a home.

Not only that but we are constantly updating device firmware & mobile software to perform better & faster, which is obvious for keeping the system safe & secure.


Upgrade to the new age connected home. Be in control, how you want and when you want.