Pert Smart Lock

  • Grants key-less access to people at your command. Never worry about keys anymore.
  • Control and monitor your door from anywhere
  • Fits seamlessly into your existing door. Installs in minutes on the inside of your door.
  • Works in sync with other Pert Products



Never Worry Anymore

Sometimes you’re in a hurry and you leave abruptly let’s say for a meeting, dinner party or a trip and forget to give keys to the dog walker, maid or babysitters. You can give them access from anywhere in the world immediately and be stress free from no longer having to worry about these small mistakes ruining your mood.

Locks as you leave, Unlocks as you arrive

Pert loves to provides intelligent solutions and products but we also love granting the user complete control over their lifestyle. You can set customized routines for your smart lock making your home your personal fortress. Triggering your smart lock to open as soon as you reach your home, a location based trigger, and to close as you leave your home. Adding deeper security features to lock all doors when no motion activity is detected for a duration of time.

Completely Secure

Protect your family from intruders by remotely securing your home while you’re away & monitor your security while you are away. Pert lock is designed to be impenetrable to rough attempts to gain access. The mechanism has been tested multiple times & has gone through a variation of break-in tests to be qualified for usage as a product for all consumers. You can rest be assured that Pert Smart Lock is trustworthy & genuine.

ALEXA “Lock my Main Door”

Pert has integrated all of it’s products with Amazon ALEXA and you can also use it with the pert smart lock. This feature allows you to lock your home without ever touching your keys or your phone from anywhere in the comfort of your home. You can be busy in your kitchen cooking or resting finally after a long day or relaxing in front of your TV or having family time, with this feature you never have to be annoyed about locking the door and leaving that” one good movie” or ruining the mood of a good conversation with friends.


  • Grants key-less access to people at your command.
  • Control and monitor your door from anywhere
  • Alerts you when someone is trying to break in.
  • Can be set to automatically locks when you leave your home.
  • Fits seamlessly in almost all existing door mechanisms and takes only minutes to install.
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