Pert Door Sensor

  • The Pert Door Sensor is a battery based Sensor that works on RF Technology.
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone if your Door Sensor detects opening or closing of a door.
  • Automate connected devices with Pert Products and set them to turn on or off if your Door Sensor detects opening or closing of a door.
  • Requires Pert Multi Sensor.



Streamlined Aesthetic

The door sensor is one of the best designed door sensors available on the market. It’s streamlined dimensions & unusual lightness allows it to be almost undetectable on your doors. This streamline design & lightness also allows it to be placed on almost any door surface without any difficulty.

Open Sesame or Close Sesame

Set customized triggers on the pert application to perform specific actions when the door opens or closes such as turn on/off lights or even initiate complete scenes. Places where the simplest way of turning on the lights is by opening a door is ideal for setting up a Pert Door Sensor, and Pert automatically notifies you & switches off the light after a period of time to make sure you aren’t increasing your bills unnecessarily.

Who opened that door?

The Pert Application allows you to get real-time notifications & alerts based on the opening & closing of doors. Useful when you’re watching over children or pets going into rooms where they’re not supposed to play. Pert acts as a perfect door guardian as it notifies you when certain doors have remained open for an unusual time. However it’s really handy when there maybe unwanted visitors trying to open doors they’re not supposed to, especially when you’re away from home.

The Perfect Vacation

Ever wondered how can you truly enjoy during your vacations or your time off from work without ever worrying about your home, especially if you’ve left your home’s management to your maid or neighbor? Don’t worry with the pert door sensor you will truly know if you’re maid or neighbor are snooping into places where they shouldn’t & you can surprise these culprits by immediately taking action or recording it through your house’s CCTV. Now you can lay back & relax because Pert has got this for you.


  • Get notified as soon as any door in your house is opened or closed.
  • Always be aware of who’s in your home & in which room.
  • Watch over your family & protect them from unwanted visitors.
  • Trigger scenes when you walk through a door.
  • Make custom rules based on what you want to happen when door is opened/closed.
  • Security feature – Away From Home that enables extra security.
  • One-year limited warranty.
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