Pert 8 Node

  • The Pert 8-Node smart switch is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device, which can easily be installed into your existing 6-8 module switchboard.
  • Turn appliances and electronics on/off, and schedule the same from anywhere across the house, or from any part of the world, from the Pert app.
  • The Pert smart switch can measure the energy consumption of the respective switchboard, allowing you to control its usage and identify if it is inefficient.
  • Each Switch can also be configured to be used as a dimmer, so you can set up the perfect ambiance in your home and save energy at the same time.
  • Pert devices are easy to remove as they are to install. The Pert 8-Node can be taken out and reinstalled in any switchboard in your house.




Quick to Install and Easy to Use

The Pert range of products are crafted to be hassle free. Since it does not require any additional wiring, the Pert 8-Node is designed to be installed by both professionals and home owners as well. Once the Pert smart switch has been set up, all you need to do is install the free Pert app on your smartphone, instantly allowing you to integrate the system to your phone, with the help of its user friendly interface.

Control and Monitor devices from anywhere

The Pert smart switch allows you to turn lights and appliances on/off, or schedule the same from anywhere across the house, locally, or from any part of the world, provided there is a working internet connection. The Pert 8-Node smart switch gives you numerous ways to save time, when you are rushing out to work every morning, or simply want to carry out everyday activities efficiently. From your smartphone, you can schedule switches or appliances to turn on or off, and program them to do so every day at a specific time, hence saving you time, energy and money.

Compatible with Android and Apple Devices

Download the free Pert app on your iOS/ Android device to start using your home automation system. Its simple and straightforward user interface allows you to seamlessly integrate your home automation system to your device. Control your appliances and switches, one at a time or all at once, with our highly flexible app, where you can customize icons and the interface according to your needs. The app is always connected with the pert node and data is updated instantaneously in real-time.

Retrofittable Advantages

The beauty of the pert smart switch is that they are portable and don’t require an effort in the event where you want to shift out of your apartment or your home. Or in case you feel like moving it to another switchboard within your household. As opposed to any other solution on the market, Pert has been designed for the users ease of use and is adaptable in it’s software & hardware.


  • Turn room lights on and off from anywhere with your smartphone.
  • Works in sync with your physical fan regulator.
  • Works with your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile internet.
  • Set up rules for lights to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise.
  • Set a schedule for lights in different rooms.
  • Shows your power monitoring data in real time.
  • Fits inside your existing wall switchboard.
  • Works in sync with other Pert products.
  • Installs quickly and easily for Do-It-Yourselfers.
  • Free Pert App for Android and iOS.
  • One-year limited warranty.
Download the app here
IOS AppAndroid App


Easy to Install

  • Switch off the MCB.
  • Open the switchboard, where your want to install Pert.
  • Connect the wiring as mentioned in the video.
  • Close the switchboard.
  • Switch on the MCB.
  • Download our app from the app store.
  • Configure the pert device with the app.
  • Start controlling your devices from your phone.
  • That’s it!