Pert Smart Plug

16th July, 2016

PERT PLUG is a smart Wi-Fi enabled device that lets you control your Air Conditioners , Geysers and electronic devices from your Smartphone from anywhere at any time.

PERT enables ON/OFF control of loads, schedules the ON/OFF of loads.

Typical Regular loads: Air Conditioner (2Ton Max), Geyser, Induction Stove, Electric Rice Cooker, Washing Machine, Light sources (CFL, LED lamps, etc), fridges, Television and Desktop computer.


Operating Input Power Range 90VAC-264VAC±5{%}, 47-63Hz.
Maximum Load 3KW Resistive Load @ 230VAC input.

3KVA Inductive Load @ 230VAC input.

Power Consumption <0.2W no load <1.0W Loaded.
Temperature Operation 0°C to +50°C.

Storage -20°C to +70°C.

Relative Humidity Operating 5{%}RH to 95{%}RH Non-Condensing.

Storage 5{%}RH to 95{%}RH Non-Condensing.

Dimension 80mm x 68mm x 80mm
RF Frequency 2.45GHz
Enclosure ABS Plastic.
    Check the Wi-Fi signal strength at the switch board, signal strength should greater than 75{%}.If it is less than 75{%} then, and adjust the router near to the switch board.

Pert Plug connects between the power source and load in series connection. First remove the power connection of the appliance, then insert the appliance plug into the Pert Plug Output socket.

Connect this Pert Plug into the power source.

plug diagramplug after


iOS Configuration Flow

Android Configuration Flow

  •  Recommendations
  1. Maximum Load Capacity for PERT is 16A only.
  2. Power Calculation = Voltage x Current rating specified on load.
    Current = Voltage / Power.
  3. 1000W is equal to 1KW.