10 Underrated online Stores to buy Quirky stuff for your New Home

30th December, 2021

At Pert, we get to be a part of the most special journey in many people’s lives: building a new home. Every customer comes with their own dreams, ideas, and taste, which presents an interesting challenge for our installation team. 

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But discovering the magic of Pert’s devices is only part of the fun. You may want to spice up your walls, furniture, or storage in order to give the space its own personality. The goal is to make it uniquely yours.

Amazon has an endless list of decor items nowadays but they come with their own host of problems: some are from unreliable manufacturers, others are too generic. IKEA is another option but we reckon you’re looking for something offbeat, no? So you’re better off checking out niche e-stores or small Direct-to-Consumer brands that provide better quality & service. 

To help you with the shopping, I’m going to list 10 of the best niche e-commerce sites that feature underrated but amazing finds across all sorts of categories like posters, kitchen tools, accessories, utility items, bedsheets, gardening, and more…

Since not everybody knows of these, it’ll make your space even more memorable! So get ready for a fun shopping spree!  

  • Good Earth
  • Wishing Chair
  • Objectry
  • Terravida
  • Chumbak
  • Poster Gully
  • Play Clan
  • Nicobar
  • A Tiny Mistake
  • The Label Life

1. Good Earth

Best Item: Rose Palmyra Silk Cushion

We have to start with this one because it comes attached with the tag of sustainability. Stole our hearts right there! 

The best items to watch out for are their pink flowery tea set (glasses, plates, mugs), and the assortment of vases to organize your artificial flowers/plants. 

We have to say – the items of the brand do match the high standards that the founder Anita Lal set for herself way back in 1996, so it’s no surprise that the store has catapulted into a global company & made headlines in many fashion/home decor magazines.

2. Wishing Chair

Best Item: Set of 3 Hand-painted Butterflies Wall Plates

Some of us like things on the cuter, more chill side. So if Good Earth felt too haughty or high-end, come on down to Wishing Chair, which has adorable cup sets, candles, bed linen, and kids’ posters. 

I dig the friendly fairy tale vibe, and feel like this is also the perfect place to find cool gifts for your girlfriends or friends with new homes, especially during Xmas or Diwali season! 

3. Objectry

Best Item: Large Brown wooden Ball Pack Table

These options still too shiny/tacky for you? Let’s cut out everything & go to the most minimalist, geometrically pleasing store: Say hello to “Objectry.”  

True to its name, every item has a very geometric & earthy feel to it, but there’s a certain artistic beauty here that only some of us will be able to appreciate. 

Check out their eccentric Ball Pack table & a marble/clay-shaped Kintsugi clock. 

This brand will work nicely if you’re planning a clean whitewashed look for your rooms with basic furniture. 

4. Terravida

Best Items: Frangipani Deep Serving Dish, Banana Leaf Platter

If you’re planning a rustic, cozy, and village-style vibe, get ready to step into heaven. This humble startup from Goa brings the most beautiful elegant Portuguese designs. 

I’m nuts about their Tropical collection, which uses coconut, palm tree, and other coastal elements to strike a warm homely cord. It features an array of serving trays, jugs, jars, platters, bowls, plates, etc. Let’s just say that if I ever buy a new home, this is one website I’m visiting before I set out to plan the decor! 

5. Chumbak

Best Items: Marrakech Vintage Photo Frame, Shiny Happy Bright Candle – Red

No list on home decor shopping is complete without this household brand (get it?) Chumbak might be a bit on the pricey side, but their designs are truly spectacular & reminiscent of original Indian scriptures & mythology. 

I’ve bought from these guys before and I feel like their strength is in the bedroom & utility (kitchen or storage) sections. 

But the best part is that they have cute items for every corner of your home, and after years of shopping, I still can’t get enough! 

Their online store has some heavy discounts so you can window-shop in their stores but checkout on the website.  

6. Poster Gully

Best Items: Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory Nerd Art Print

This is a goldmine for parents with teenagers who want something cool for their bedrooms. The website is dedicated to high-quality print art posters (with options for different sizes & adding lamination or glass frames). 

Paste or nail them to hang on the wall, or place them on your work desk. You can choose from fandoms like Star Wars & House of Cards, abstract graphics, doodles & cartoons, or minimalist positivity/leadership quotes. 

Recently, they’ve also started selling laptop skins, so don’t forget to explore that section, too.  

7. Play Clan

Best Item: Royal Elephant Wood Art

For those of you who like warli or folklore style art, Play Clan is a great pitstop. It features rural mountable embroidered art, collectibles, cushion covers, teacup coasters, and other selective & exclusive home decor items.

The best part is that these guys have also ventured into fashion & personal accessories, so you can plan a whole set with matching linen, furniture, and color-coordinated outfits.

8. Nicobar

Best Item: Golden elegant Roti box with tong

This is another personal favorite of mine. I was instantly won over by their beautiful store, and the equally nice products featured up there. 

Like Terravida, they have a warm beachy vibe but have a much bigger range that covers cushion fillers, tumblers, wine glasses, and a cute laundry basket, which I’m planning to buy soon because it looks so comfortable (but my cat will probably make it his residence). 

Overall, this was the most pleasant & neatly organized store I visited in my research, so I’ll definitely give Nicobar a 5/5. 

9. A Tiny Mistake

Best Item: Old Coins Portable Laptop Desk

Make no mistake, this is a perfectly constructed store with items that find their own kind of beauty in subtle imperfections. 

From laptop stands to makeup organizers, you’ll get to see products that we couldn’t find anywhere else in our research.

What I love is that they’ve taken the effort to organize all the items into gifting collections for men, women, nature lovers, lazy comfort seekers, chefs, and other personalities – so it makes the whole process very personalized! 

Are you taking notes, other home decor makers? 

10. The Label Life

Best Item: Cotton Linen Suzani Embroidered Cushion

Last but not the least, we have The Label Life, which features European-style furniture, accessories, cushions, etc. with a sleek or premium touch.

But the prices are surprisingly affordable, so for shoppers on a budget, this suggestion should come as a big relief! 

Conclusion: Don’t forget to call Pert for your Smart Automation Needs

In this article, we explored 10 cool online destinations to shop for quirky items that can beautify and enhance your living at home. These are: 

  • Good Earth
  • Wishing Chair
  • Objectry
  • Terravida
  • Chumbak
  • Poster Gully
  • Play Clan
  • Nicobar
  • A Tiny Mistake
  • The Label Life

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