Multi Sensor

14th April, 2020

Pert Multi Sensor is a Wi-Fi enabled device to control the IR remote based appliances. All appliances can be remote controlled by only one smart phone. It has got 3 Home monitoring sensors like Temperature, luminosity and smoke which helps your monitor and protect your house Supports home appliances like TV, Set Top Box, Air-conditioning, Loudspeaker Box, Motor Curtain.



Operating Input Power Range 90VAC-264VAC±5{%}, 47-63Hz. 6A Max
Power Consumption <0.2W no load <1.0W Loaded.
Temperature Operation 0°C to +50°C.

Storage -20°C to +70°C.

Relative Humidity Operating 5{%}RH to 95{%}RH Non-Condensing.

Storage 5{%}RH to 95{%}RH Non-Condensing.

Dimension 62mm x 62mm x 98mm
RF Frequency 2.45GHz


Pert Multisensor has 7 IR transmitters inside the box. This IR sensor covers 300Sq feet area in a closed room. PertMulti Sensor has an IR receiver inside the box. By using this receiver, the user can program the remotes in to the sensor.

PertMulti Sensor has a Temperature sensor at the bottom of side behind the enclosure.It senses the temperature from 2°C to 150°C with a 0.1°C resolution. The error percentage is ±2% on the nominal value.

PERT Multi Sensor is has a light sensor on the back side bottom.
This sensor senses the light and displays the value in lux (Units of luminance).

The Wi-Fi signal should be greater than 75% at Pert Sensor installation location. Insert the input AC cable into any 3 Pin 6A Plug Point. Please note, this should be in the IR range (i.e: 300 sq ft from the appliances) Switch on the Pert device and Press the Smartconfig button located on behind of the device. The Led turns to Red color and the device is ready to configure, and can be configured manually like any other Pert device from the mobile app. After the configuration is complete, the user can control the IR devices from the PERT mobile application (with the available remotes)

Please note: If your remote is not available in the PERT remote library then you can add a remote.

III. Recommendations
1.The PERT sensor and IR appliances should be in the specified range of each other.
2.The manual remote and the mobile app keys should match, for the remote to be read.
3.While reading the remote, please wait for the completion of the reading of each button. Do not close the app while learning the remote. Or else the data will not save and function.
4.Light sensor will give you the accurate luminance (at bottom of the enclosure of the light sensor) but it will not give the data of surroundings.
5.Smoke/Gas detector sense the data only when the smoke or gas enters inside the enclosure.

One year guarantee is provided by Pert InfoConsulting Pvt. Ltd. Guarantee is only applicable for electrical damages caused. If the user tries to service the board himself, the guaranty will not be covered. Guarantee is not applicable for any physical damages. The warranty will be considered void if the sticker is tampered / removed.