IFTTT – Pert integrates with IoT

9th February, 2017

After successfully integrating Pert with IFTTT, Pert can now pretty much connect with all other platforms on the IFTTT page.

Generally when you think of integration, you think of things like Facebook, Google, Android, iOS, etc. But little do we know that there is much more to IFTTT and these are only just socially oriented functions.

There are a lot of features that people are unaware of. A good part of the IFTTT platform is it’s connectivity with other Smart Home platforms that are available on IFTTT.

Now let us understand why is this such a good thing?

The answer is simple. Because you can now create your own Home Automation environment based on your preferences without necessarily sticking to one particular platform. This also brings up the fact that Home Automation systems on IFTTT do not provide all the features like motion detection, security cameras, multi-sensors and they might end up using only one specific type of feature.

To simplify this, let’s say you already have a D-Link motion sensor and have recently purchased a Pert 8 Node. You now have the ability to create an applet on IFTTT wherein if a motion is detected, it could turn on/off devices or initiate a specific desired scene. This is one of the many examples of what could be done with IFTTT home automation platforms.

There are a lot of fun things that you can do with IFTTT and make life simpler yet fun. One such thing with IFTTT is the integration with the famous voice based virtual assistants such as Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa,

You can also connect Pert & Alexa to your IFTTT account and create specific phrases such as ‘Alexa trigger Bedroom ” and it could initiate your customized bedroom scene created by you.

The amount of customizations that can be done with the platforms on IFTTT are endless to be discussed here in one a single post but we will definitely explore and share many more cool features & interactions of Pert home automation in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in finding out how a customized Pert smart home can make your Home Automation easier with IFTTT – contact us today to get your very own set of Pert devices.


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