How Pert’s Smart Home Automation Products can help you Save Energy & Money

30th December, 2021

With the first month of the New Year well underway, many of us must be pursuing our resolutions with full force. What was on the cards for you? Working out daily, or reading books? 

In any case, this is also a good occasion to start taking better care of your home, and more specifically, making it energy efficient.

Being conscious about your electricity consumption will not only help the environment & society but also bring down your monthly bills. That translates into several thousands of rupees every year, which you could use to throw a grand pizza party/movie night!

To kickstart this mission, we’ve been compiling some quick & easy hacks as part of our #GreenWednesdaysWithPert series, so head over to our Instagram handle to check out that collection!

Many of the tips are simple enough to implement on your own, but if you want to maximize the savings, installing Pert’s Smart Home Automation products is worth your while. 

In this article, I’ll explain some real-life use cases of these products with a focus on sustainability. That should help you understand how exactly going smart can help you lead a greener life. 

Highlights of our Ecosystem

Before we get started, here’s a rundown of some of the Pert products I’ll be referring to. The features will become clearer as we look at the applications ahead. 

Sr. Name Relevant Uses Relevant Features
1 Smart Plugs For individual appliances that use a power socket, such as your AC, charger, microwave, geyser, and refrigerator.   
  • Remote mobile control
  • Live energy tracking
  • Scheduling/automation
2 Switch Plates (Scintilla series)  Entirely new sleek switchboards to control lights, fans, AC, and other connected loads.
3 Retrofit Switches (Nucleus Series)  Fitted into your existing switchboards to remotely control & automate connected loads (light, fan, TV, music system, doorbell, AC, sockets).
4 Cuboid Master Universal remote hub for TV, DVD player, AC, and other IR-based (infrared) devices  Control IR-based devices via phone or voice commands
5 Microwave Sensors Sense movement in the room & talk to other smart products to switch on/off appliances when you’re present/away
  • Automate appliances based on movement

To learn about each offering in detail, and also explore other products in our ecosystem, you can browse the whole catalog at your leisure later:

Now let’s talk about the energy efficiency features… 

1. Monitor Energy Consumption


The most apparent benefit of connecting an appliance to Pert’s Smart Ecosystem is the access to instant & near-accurate energy readings. 

Whether you’re using a single Smart Plug for the microwave, or have connected all the lights & fans in your living room through our Scintilla Panels, Pert’s mobile app has a special section where you can see all weekly or monthly energy insights. 

You can toggle the view between individual devices and grouped “overviews.”    

This means that, firstly, you no longer have to wait in suspense for your electricity bill to arrive before taking any corrective actions. 

If you spot that you’ve been turning on the AC way too much for the last two weeks, you can cautiously cut down your usage in the coming weeks to balance things out. 

Secondly, the reports also help you identify any problematic “power vampires” i.e. energy suckers that may be bumping up your load for no good reason. 

If you see that your refrigerator’s consumption has been increasing over the last few months, it may be time to call the maintenance guy for a yearly checkup. 

Better yet, you can start pooling some cash to buy a higher-star rated model in the upcoming Diwali/Xmas shopping season. 

Thirdly, you won’t get into unnecessary blame games or fights with your family members about who is causing the bill to shoot up. 

The reports should make it very clear, and if it turns out that your bedroom’s appliances are a major contributor, you can agree to be more prudent with them in the future.   

Whichever way you put it, the free & instant access to your energy data on your mobile phone gives you a sense of control & ownership over your footprint (in other words, you’re no longer kept in the dark about it, if you know what I mean). 

And this ultimately paves the way to more eco-conscious habits. 

2. Remotely switch off appliances 

Imagine this. You’re sitting at your office desk, typing away your emails as usual. Suddenly, a flurry of anxious thoughts zaps into your mind… 

“Did I leave the bedroom lights on?” 

“Oh dear, I definitely forgot to switch off the TV in my rush to catch the bus.”  

“What about the AC!? Now I have to wait until the evening to switch it off. There goes my electricity bill…”  

Awwh, cut yourself some slack. We all lead hectic work lives nowadays, so it’s normal that sometimes we may forget to look after our devices, and switch off/unplug them after use. 

There’s a convenient solution for this. 

With Pert’s smart products, you can check back in anytime with your mobile phone, monitor each device’s current status, and turn off any unneeded items with a single tap.

The remote control feature doesn’t have limitations when it comes to your distance from the property. So you can use it from a point as nearby as your gym, to as far apart as a beach in Bali. As long as your Wi-Fi network is working, the proximity won’t be an issue! 

In fact, this also comes in handy when you’re inside the house itself. Too lazy to get up from your bed? Or too busy watching the match on your couch? Just open the Pert app, and switch off the microwave in the kitchen without moving a muscle (except your finger, of course!)  

3. Schedule for Set Times

Sometimes, we leave appliances on standby long after their job is done, thinking that they won’t consume any energy.

But washing machines, dryers, microwaves, and ACs all sip small bits of energy even on standby mode, and all that unnecessarily hurts your bill. 

Thankfully, with Pert’s Smart Plugs, you can schedule these devices to turn on & off at a pre-determined amount of time. It’s as good as manually unplugging them, without the needed effort or your presence. 

Say your washing cycle began at 10.00 AM & ends in 45 minutes. So you can schedule the machine to switch off after it’s complete. 

This feature also has another angle to it. We often keep some devices running through the night as we sleep, such as the bedside lamp or the footlights to guide us in the dark.

In most cases, we manually switch them off at 7 or 8 AM after we wake up. But if the Sun rises early in your area, you can schedule the lights (connected to your Touch Panels or Retrofit switches). Just set them to turn off automatically around 4 AM when there’s a decent amount of natural light. 

Another common habit is leaving the phone or laptop to charge overnight. Usually, if you plug it in at 10 PM, it should be 100% by midnight. But every time it drops to 99%, the charging cycle starts again. This happens several times overnight and consumes additional energy without any tangible benefit.

With a Smart Plug, you can prevent this from happening. Just schedule the connected charger to work for a few hours, and then switch off itself. 

On a related note, if you leave your AC on overnight, you may often find yourself waking up in shivers to a chilled room. Many of us prefer to just use it for cooling, but face the dilemma of having to stay up until that is done. 

Now you no longer have to sacrifice your sleep! 

  • Just schedule it to keep blowing for a couple of hours, and after it has done its intended job, it’ll shut down automatically. 
  • Meanwhile, set your fan to turn on at the same time, so that the room stays ventilated.
  • Now you can peacefully keep dreaming without any interruptions or worries! 

4. Automate for Movements 

Hold on. What if you didn’t even have to bother with controlling or scheduling the devices? What if they could just “know” where you are, and “follow” you around the house?

This isn’t sci-fi anymore. An advanced application of our products is automating your lights or fans to stay on/turn off based on your movement. This prevents them from burning energy when you’re not around. Our microwave room sensors will detect your presence in the room, and communicate it to the other smart products, which will manage your electronics. 

If you often find your kids forgetting to turn off the bathroom light or exhaust fan after they’ve finished their business, this feature can resolve the problem altogether. 

When the microwave sensor installed in the bath detects no motion for a while, the lights will take care of themselves automatically. Our smart system basically gives the appliances a brain of their own, so that they can intelligently shut down when you’ve forgotten to do so. 

In other words, it relieves you from the burden of remembering to do the boring chores! How relaxing is that? 

Conclusion: Saving Energy doesn’t have to be Tiring

In this article, we saw how Pert’s smart ecosystem can help you save money & energy by making your house an intelligent self-sustaining person of its own. 

  • Monitor electricity consumption & take informed decisions 
  • Remotely switch off appliances that you forgot in your busy schedule
  • Schedule them to self-shut down after the job is done (avoid standby mode) 
  • Automate lights/fans to turn off when you’re not in the room (based on movement) 

Of course, the beauty of going smart is that it cuts down the efforts you have to take to actually be energy efficient. There’s no need to make special adjustments or compromise your lifestyle. Pert helps you do it in practical & sustainable ways. 

If you’d like to see a free live demo of all the cool features & scenarios we just discussed, reach out on any of the following channels! 

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