1st July, 2016
How many dimming nodes are available in Pert?
Every node in Pert can be dimmable. But the load should be a dimmable load.
What are dimmable and non-dimmable loads?
Dimmable Loads: Sealing Fans, Dimmable LED lights, Incandescent lamps.
Non Dimmable Loads: CFL lights, Tube Lights, Non dimmable LED lights, and other Home Appliances (TV, Iron box, Mobile chargers etc…).
Will my fan regulator work with Pert?
Yes, your fan regulator will work with Pert; Along with real time synchronization between manual dimming(regulator dimming) and dimming from the mobile app. Fan regulator dimming will also reflect in the mobile application.
What happen if i dim a non-dimmable load?
The effect will depend on the load. Normally lights will flicker. Other appliances will switch off or short circuit. This should generally be avoided as dimming non-dimmable loads will affect the life of appliances.