Cool Home Decor Ideas to Add Life to your New Walls (Budget-Friendly)

26th May, 2022

Standing in front of a plain wall is like staring at a blank piece of paper. You wouldn’t know where to begin if your life depended on it. Maybe it’s a new place entirely, or you want to revamp the theme as part of your renovation project. 

A few months ago, we covered some underrated online stores you can visit to shop for quirky home decor products. Today, we’d like to go one step further to suggest some elegant ideas on how you can make your walls truly come alive, whether they’re in the bedroom or the hall. 

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Coming back to the design half of setting up your home, here are 5 items you can add to make any wall look complete & useful.    

1. Designer Plates

This is the new trend that has been taking Indian homes by storm. Many people are now ditching the traditional frames or shelves in favor of high-end designer wall plates that can be hung in pairs of three or more to fill up the entire area. 

If you want to do some good while you’re at it, shop from The Plated Project, which is a social enterprise that sells hand-painted plates to raise funds for hungry kids. Each plate buys meals for 7 children so you can hang that wall with pride, knowing you made a real difference.

Furthermore, this option gives you the chance to appreciate & support local artists, too!   

2. Thematic Shelves or Frames

One of my friend’s sons has a honey-combed-shaped shelve in his bedroom, made up of maroon red and black compartments. He has placed a combination of tiny souvenirs and books (that he admits are still on his pending list), and the whole thing just comes together nicely. 

If you’re a blogger or content creator who wants to have a nice background in your videos or Reels, a thematic shelf is a way to go because you can give it any kind of look you want by changing the items displayed on it anytime. The flexibility here is key. 

Similarly, if you want to highlight your family’s memories, you can choose a bunch of large photo frames from Amazon. You’ll find some cool combinations & collections of different shapes & sizes that go well if hung together in specific positions at a close distance. 

Just make sure the borders of the photo frame go well with the overall color & theme of your room or else they’ll look out of place. 

3. Plants

Want to add a splash of greenery & freshness to your room? Go hang some indoor plants. Some low-maintenance options that do not require daily or heavy watering are Boston Ferns, small pointy Echeveria and succulents, Zebra Plants, Aloe Vera, or Fishbone Cactus. 

You can buy them online at Ugaao.

If that’s too much of a hassle, and you don’t want to risk getting your hands soiled, just go for artificial plants instead, which will give you the same effect minus all the maintenance. 

Nowadays, you have nice rope-attached shelves & rustic options that will allow you to place the plants in a thematic manner.  

4. Posters

Nerd Alert! This is the obvious way to go if you want to have a nice inspirational quote or pop culture reference of your favorite movie, song, or series (e.g. Batman, Bing Bang Theory, etc.)

You can order custom-printed, glass-framed posters of your preferred size at Poster Gully. 

Not a fan of much text or color? Just go with a bunch of colorfully framed, elegantly designed mirrors, which have their own functional appeal. 

5. Tapestry

This is a rarely used option so if you want to make your home really stand out to guests, give it a whirl, you might just acquire a taste for it. Tapestry means an old piece of traditional cloth, rugs, or embroidered scarves.

They’re famously sourced from the Himalayan mountains, Leh/Ladakh, and Tibet – these rugs can add warmth and character to rooms if arranged in the right manner.

If you have a personal library, a private study corner or room, or a lounging space/AirBnb for guests, this is an amazing idea to consider.

Just make sure you regularly dry-clean or wash the fabric as it can quickly gather dust, which is dangerous especially if you have someone with asthma or breathing issues. 

Instead of rugs, you can also try to hang window frames, antiques, or small doors from Kashmir/Northern regions. If anything, they certainly make good conversation starters. 


In this blog post, we covered some fun decor ideas to jazz up your new empty walls using simple but elegant themes. To recap some takeaways: 

  • Designer Plates
  • Thematic Shelves or Frames
  • Indoor Plants
  • Pop Culture Posters
  • Rustic Tapestry 

To get a unique effect, you’ll probably want to mix 3-4 elements from the above list, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little & see what works best for your room.

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