Control your home accessories and save energy with a few taps. Set scenes and run them as per your personal schedule. Turn off your microwave, switch on your light, pull your curtain and play your favourite music, all on the touch of your smartphone. Experience convenience optimally with Pert’s personalised and intelligent home control devices.

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Easy Installation

Are you finding it cumbersome to wait for a professional to come and install the devices for you? You can do it yourself too.

Energy Saving

Smart solutions that help you save energy, which has increasingly become the need of the hour.

Custom Schedules

Want your AC/Heater to start before you reach home? Custom schedule your smart functions and set scenes to make them ready before you are home.

Completely Retrofittable

Save time and money with our retrofittable solutions. Buy it once and keep upscaling to your demands, as and when you need.


  • Microwave Sensor
  • Pert Remote
  • RGB Strip Light
  • Smart Curtains
  • Smart Plug

4 Module

Microwave Sensor

Ceiling Mounted Motion sensor with Lux Sensor inbuilt.

4 Module

IR blaster

Control all your IR Appliance from your phone

4 Module

5 Channel Strip Light

5 Channel (RGBWWCW ) Strip light

4 Module

Smart Curtain

Motorised Curtains with Mobile app and Remote

4 Module

16amp Smart Plug

Control & Monitor heavy appliance like Geyser



All Pert Products work in sync with your touch panel. You can control all your appliances using the touch panel.


With the voice control features of our smart products, users can enjoy the convenience and ease of use of voice control, while still being able to upgrade their existing lighting systems with smart technology.


With our pert mobile app, users can easily monitor and adjust the various devices and systems in their home, such as lighting, thermostats, security cameras, and appliances. Our app provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to view the status of their devices and systems, as well as control them remotely

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