4 – Node Smart Switch

16th July, 2016

PERT 4-Node Smart Switch is a smart Wi-Fi enabled device that lets you control your lights and electronic devices from your Smartphone from anywhere at any time.

PERT enables ON/OFF control of regular loads and also it can regulate dimmable loads.

Basically the loads are classified as follows.

Typical Regular loads: Light sources(CFL, LED lamps,  etc), fridges, Television, Desktop computer and other utility appliances.

Typical Dimmable loads: Incandescent   lamps, halogen lamps, dimmable CFL lamps, dimmable LED lamps, dimmable ceiling fans and other dimmable resistive and inductive loads.


Operating Input Power Range 90VAC-264VAC±5{%},, 47-63Hz, 3A Max.
Maximum Load per Node. 200W Resistive Load @ 230VAC input.

150VA Inductive Load @ 230VAC input.

Dimmer Output power for Inductive Loads 10VA – 150VA @ 230VAC.
Power Consumption <0.2W no load <1.0W Loaded.
Temperature Operation 0°C to +50°C.

Storage -20°C to +70°C.

Relative Humidity Operating 5{%}RH to 95{%}RH Non-Condensing.

Storage 5{%}RH to 95{%}RH Non-Condensing.

Dimension 92mm x 51mm x 23mm
RF Frequency 2.45GHz
Enclosure ABS Plastic FR Grade.

Check the Wi-Fi signal strength at the switch board, signal strength should greater than 75{%}.If it is less than 75{%} then, and adjust the router near to the switch board.

Open the switchboard top cover. Remove all the connections to the switches and label them with numbers based on switches position and numbers. Identify and separate the common line and neutral in the switchboard. Remove the line wire from the switches common point.

Take the PERT box and connect the Line and Neutral to PERT. Connect all loads wires to the output connector based on previous labels. The outputs number should match with previous switches connections numbers.

Remove the existing fan regulator, replace with PERT regulator and close the regulator back cover properly. Fix the fan regulator tightly to the switch board. If the fan regulator not required then, don’t remove the jumper.

Connect the 5 pin cable wires individually to the switches based on previous switch sequence. Connect the ground in the switch board in place of common line in the switch board.

5 pin cable

Fit the pert properly inside the switch board. Verify all the connections and close the switch board.


iOS Configuration Flow

Android Configuration Flow

  •  Recommendations
  1. Maximum Load Capacity for PERT is 3A only.
  2. Power Calculation = Voltage x Current rating specified on load.
    Current = Voltage / Power.
  3. 1000W is equal to 1KW.
  4. Maximum load capacity for each node is 200W.
  5. Don’t dim the non dimmable loads (Non dimmable CFL, LED Lamps).It causes failure of loads.
  6. Isolate the unused wires (Manual input) with any insulated tape.