Why Pert is the most reliable Smart Home Products OEM for your Business

16th April, 2022

The Smart Home Automation market in India is booming and is expected to reach total revenues of US$5163m in 2022 itself. With the property sector bouncing back after the COVID-19 slump, smart technology is set to become the norm in all upcoming new projects.

If you’re thinking of adding smart home products to your business or dreaming of raising your own brand from scratch, you may be looking for an affordable yet reliable supplier as well. So what makes Pert different from all the other regional & international suppliers out there? 

Why should you rely on us for your hardware & software needs? In this blog post, we’ll answer that question, and share five (5) reasons why partnering with Pert is your best solution for establishing your unique brand in this competitive market.  

1. Nearly a decade of Experience

Players like Wipro, Polycab, and Havells (along with Havells-owned Crabtree) are already making a splash in the region with IR Blasters for controlling AC/TV, smart retrofit switches, smart plugs, curtain controllers, and other smart devices. 

Pert is proud to be their OEM Partner (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We’ve been in the game since 2014 and have supplied 4,00,000+ hardware units to 35+ businesses. 

Our products are now exported to Africa & the Middle East. So you can be sure you’re working with someone who has experience managing end-to-end operations for your smart products, right from product selection, followed by customization of the features & design. We handle the manufacturing, packaging, and delivery to your touchpoints as well. 

So ours’ is an unmatchable level of proven quality you can bank on every time. 

2. Retrofittable & Sleek Design

Many smart products come with a host of installation hassles like extra wiring, wall damage, and remodeling requirements for the entire house. But Pert’s products all share the same retrofit design personality i.e. they can be easily fitted into any existing system, old or new, without any modifications to the place itself.

The name “pert” itself has origins in the term “small” or “compact,” which describes the build of our sleek products. For example, our retrofit switches (Nodes 1, 2, 3+1, 4, etc.) are literally just small gang boxes that snugly fit inside any normal manual switchboard, enabling users to remotely control all the loads with a mobile app. 

This sleek design personality gives your brand the freedom & flexibility to modify it as per your positioning & priorities. Our team of engineers has been trained to understand your needs & deliver a customized solution with minimum turnaround time. 

3. Designed for Indians 

Most smart products manufactured in the West are not suited for Indian environments. For one, they often need a live internet connection to work, which is a problem for Indians as we often face power cuts & internet outage issues.

These Western products are also geared towards ACs rather than fans, but the latter has a higher consumption rate in our country because of electricity prices. We also have different usage patterns when it comes to using our electronic appliances day in & day out.

Pert was specifically created to cater to the Indian demographic. When our co-founder CEO Arun Cheela ventured into the space more than a decade ago, his team spent years talking to Indian families & understanding their problems. 

Some of the counter-solutions we’ve baked into our products are as follows: 

  • No reliance on the internet: The Pert ecosystem connects to your local Wi-Fi router modem, so even if you don’t have live data, you can still remotely operate your appliances as far as they’re all connected to the Wi-Fi
  • Built for power outages: There’s an inbuilt surge protection & stabilization provision, which makes the smart device resilient to frequent power cuts & fluctuations. 
  • Works for all lifestyles: We have the IR blaster for ACs, and retrofit switches (3+1) with a hum-free dimmer/regulator for your fan, so you can smartify whichever appliance you use the most, or both! 
  • No central hub/Zigbee: We don’t depend on a separate central hub or Z-Wave technology. Our smart devices are completely independent, and hence very user-friendly so you can promote them to less tech-savvy consumers as well. 

Overall, the obsessive focus on catering to the Indian market makes us the best local solution for your brand. We’re proud to be part of the “Make in India” initiative, too, as all our products are designed in-house, allowing us to be a low-cost, always-affordable, scalable solution. 

We aim to make India completely self-reliant for its home automation needs.  

4. Robust Support & Resources 

We may be experts in manufacturing but we also provide you with a tonne of resources to kickstart & streamline your business. This begins with customizable packaging & printing of user manuals so that technicians or end consumers who are installing your products will be able to properly understand how to go about it. 

Secondly, we also provide a strong client relationship management service via email, chat, call, or social media, so you can rely on us to immediately attend to any issues or concerns that your customers might raise.

We can also train & equip your team with the technical knowledge required to properly configure the products in your end consumer’s houses. 

We consult for technology solutions, too, so you can build your own branded mobile app on our partner OS platform. Your customers can download it through the Android Playstore or Apple Store to control the appliances. For a direct experience, download the Smart Life app. 

In the end, Pert believes in being an end-to-end, one-stop-shop solution for all your smart home automation business needs.  

5. Integrates with Alexa & Google Assistant

Last but not the least, our devices are compatible with the two most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants in the market, which are Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant. You can pair Pert with their mobile apps or smart speakers i.e. the Alexa Echo speaker series, and the Google Nest series. 

This enables consumers to have a truly hands-free experience. They can just give the audio command, and Pert will hear it. Here are some examples: 

  • Alexa, turn on Good Night mode (lights off, AC on, curtain blinds down) 
  • Google, schedule the geyser for 7 am tomorrow
  • Alexa, lower the bedroom TV volume 
  • Google, turn off my phone charging at 2 am 

The lineup of Smart Products

Now that you know all the unique qualities Pert offers as an OEM manufacturer, here are some of our flagship products we think you’ll like: 

  • Retrofit Switches: Remotely control lights & fans. Fitted behind regular switchboards & connected to each load. Available in different sizes for 1 Node, 2 Node, 3+1 Node (with fan regulator), 4 Node, 8 Node, 16 Node, 32 Node, and so on… 
  • IR Blaster: Remotely control AC, TV, Music System, DVD Player, Home Theatre, and any other IR-based device. Replaces remotes for over 800+ compatible appliances. 
  • Smart Plugs: Control high-load individual devices such as washing machines, microwave ovens, bathroom geysers, and more. Also useful for devices such as your mobile phone, laptop, and charging stations. Fits into existing Indian sockets like any other plug, and is available in round or squarish shapes. Available in both 10AMP & 16AMP models. 
  • Smart Bulbs: Tweak the brightness, warmth, and colours to create unique ambiances. And control the light from anywhere with a touch on your mobile phone. 
  • Smart Touch Switches: Our latest in the lineup, these touch switches combine the functionalities of retrofit switches & exterior touch panels, making them a sleek & elegant solution for lifestyle consumers.
    • Fitted on the walls like regular switchboards, and configured for manual touch (push) as well as a remote control mode. They make one fine addition to your high-end decor. 
    • Available in black & white colours with gold/silver plating. Choose from 2, 4, or 6/8 modules.  Smart Power Strip: It’s like having 4 smart plugs in one place. Also available in a USB-friendly model to connect 3 USB chargers.  
  • Smart Geyser: Schedule bath time with remote on/off functionalities. Comes with a clear digital display. Has smart learning capabilities, which enable it to monitor & automatically adapt the water temperature settings to your personal routine & needs. Comes with an eco-power mode to save electricity & a child-lock feature to ensure children’s safety at all times. 


  • Smart Fan Controllers: Retrofitted into existing fans to enable remote control. Has different modes & can be automated by pairing with heat or humidity sensors (eg. turns on when it gets hotter than the normal temperature).  

If you’d like a detailed rundown of all the products we have for our OEM business, please view the e-catalog here and download the PDF for your team: https://bit.ly/OEM-Catalog  


As we saw in this blog post, Pert provides an unmatchable manufacturing solution for your needs when it comes to smart home automation devices. 

Now it’s time to see the magic with your own eyes and get onboarded as our next big partner. We’re inviting you to visit us at our Live Experience Centre in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, so give us a call to book your appointment today. 

Don’t you worry about breaking a sweat in this summer heat. We always keep it extra chill & have refreshments, too. We’ll also be happy to give you a tour of our cutting-edge manufacturing facility located nearby. Call us to get started today. 

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The Pert Team is quite excited to be part of your smart home brand soon!

Upgrade to the new age connected home. Be in control, how you want and when you want.