Pert is the next generation home automation innovation,that lets you control your home from your smartphone.

8 Node

The Pert 8-Node fits into your existing switchboard and allows you to control & monitor physical switches in your home.

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4 Node

The Pert 4-Node fits into your existing switchboard, and allows you to control and monitor physical switches in your home.

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Simple, convenient and versatile. The Pert plug helps you control and monitor heavy loads like that of air-conditioners and geysers from your phone.

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The Pert Multi Sensor is a Wi-Fi enabled smart Sensor, which has IR Transmitter, IR Receiver, Temperature, Luminosity & Gas Sensor.

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#SmartHome on your #SmartPhone

Monitor and control your devices at the touch of a button.



A must-have product if you want to automate your house without the hassle of extra wires and tangles.

Chandrashekhar Software engineer

The best part of the product is that the device works locally in the network and there is no dependency on the internet.

Rekha HR Manager

After using the product for the last few days, I can positively say that it is worth the money.

Vinod Chadda CEO